The Fastest Way to Lose Weight Is by Improving Your Eating Habits


improveeatinghabits There are several known causes for weight gain and obesity. Primary among them is the lack of exercise and poor eating habits. As they say, we are what we eat.

Growing up, we imbibe eating habits that we watch at the family dinner table and also develop some by looking at friends around. Some of these habits turn out to be less desirable and over a period of time become  so much a part of our life that it grows to be unhealthy.

Once you have identified that poor eating habits are the cause of your troubles, you must take steps to shake them off. This is easier said than done. These habits need to be changed slowly and in a considered manner. Drastic measures may not really help.

They will only lead to frustration. You do not have to give up eating altogether or only consume salads to declare that you have changed your habits. There is no easy one step formula in this pursuit.

It is a gradual procedure to shake off your old habits and replace them with newer better habits. It requires determination and the will to change. To start with, identify all the habits that typically cause you to overeat.

Do you eat when you are bored? When you have company? When you are feeling low? These are indications of emotional eating.  The next step is to identify other triggers that cause you to overeat.

Do you eat too fast? Do you skip meals? This will mean that you do not take time to savor food and eat it. As a result, the brain does not get the “I’m full” signal and you continue to binge. When you skip a meal, you are more likely to compensate and eat more in your next meal.

Other poor eating habits include eating in front of the TV. This way you do not focus on what you eat and the focal point moves away from food to TV. As a result, you tend to overeat.

It also happens that often a hectic work schedule prevents you from eating on time and may not leave much time to cook either. The best way to tackle this is to sit at the table and eat. This allows for family time and also a focused time to eat.

Planning meals ahead of time, preparing simple “to go” foods can help when you have a busy schedule. Take time off to stock up your pantry with healthy fruit and vegetable options and other such healthy snacks. Plan to cook over weekends, so you have healthy foods available through the week.

Slip out of your poor habits and get started on healthy eating habits!

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