Living Out The Female Fantasy


sexualfantasies If you are feeling that your sex life has become a bit of a bore lately chances are that you are neglecting the most important sex organ of all – the brain!

It is a public secret, so to speak, that almost everyone resorts to the use of a fantasy while masturbation, many also use it to achieve orgasm while having sex. It may pay you rich pleasurable dividends if you contemplate on the idea of enacting these fantasies with your partner.

So far as women are concerned they have fantasies too and we will list the top three here for you to take the most advantage (or disadvantage) of. The first fantasy many women have is to believe that they are having sex with a virgin. So let believe that you are a virgin and that she is Mrs. Robinson. This turns out to be something like a power game for her, a sort of forbidden activity she is indulging in. Ask her to dress like a secretary for you with a close fitting mid length skirt and a shirt that is unbuttoned to reveal a sexy push up bra. Just asking her this will get the party going and soon you will be high into happy hour.

I would suggest that you go about your business of a virgin very professionally. Let her take the first steps and you just coerce her on. When it comes to undressing for the part do so reluctantly and take it along very slowly – this adds to the enjoyment. Many women like to have a lot of foreplay before the main act- oblige her. This is the part where you are catering to the main sex organ, your brain. Give it all the pleasure it wants and see how it controls the other parts that will guarantee enhanced pleasure.

Try to talk to your partner about her other fantasies, at first he may feel shy to talk about it but never push her, suggest it every now and then and soon she will open up and let you into her deep dark secrets and don’t be surprised if the shy docile lady wants to tie you up and have sex – you never know what lies hidden in their minds.