List Of Mutton Chop Styles Of Beards To Opt For

Mutton Chop Styles

Mutton Chop Styles A mutton chop style of beard refers to that style where the sideburns are grown very long so that they start from the place where the hair ends on the sides, reaches below the ears and may or may not connect with the person’s moustache. The chin is generally left plain without any facial hair on it.

The mutton chops style is becoming increasingly popular nowadays with more and more men trying out these beard style to change their looks and personality. You can choose from various number of styles and experiment with them. You should just be a little careful about maintaining them on a regular basis so that they give a neat look to your face.

Mutton Chop Styles of Beards


The curved line mutton chops style is a beard which starts from both the sideburns and meets at the moustache. Being a typical example of mutton chops style, this beard leaves the chin area absolutely empty and no beard is grown here. However, the hair on both the sides is quite thick and is trimmed from time to time to maintain the distinguished look.

Side Chops

In this mutton chops style, the beard starts from the sideburns and ends below the ears. This kind of a beard does not connect with the moustache nor does it come over the chin area. If you really wish to flaunt this style in the perfect manner, you should not keep a moustache along with it.

Side Chops

Care should be taken that you trim your beard on a daily basis or it will start giving an untidy look to your face. You should carefully shave off the rest of the area to remove the facial hair near the chin and upper lips.

Neck Long

This mutton chops style is quite difficult to maintain and not everyone has the patience to keep such a beard. In this style, the beard starts from the sideburns and reaches almost till the neck line. The beard gets slightly connected with the two ends of the lips without touching it directly. Do not keep a moustache with this kind of a look or it will spoil the style completely. People who have thick and curly hair normally opt for this style.

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As the name suggests, the beard is grown from the sideburns in such a manner that they form a V shape on your face and connect at the bottom of your face, just below the chin area. This style too should be kept without a moustache so that the V shape gets highlighted. This kind of a beard may be a little difficult to maintain and may requires regular trimming.


This style of beard forms a somewhat circle on your face on both the sides. The sideburns which get extended into the mutton chops beard are rounded off before they can reach the chin area. You can keep a moustache along with the beard to add to the looks. However, in order to make a proper circle, you may have to take the help of a barber who can round off the beard in an expert manner.