Latest Male Facial Hairstyles

Latest Male Facial Hairstyles

Latest Male Facial Hairstyles With growing consciousness in women as well as men for a flawless look and personality, more and more of them are looking for new ways to experiment with their appearance. Trying out latest trends and styles help not only women but men as well to make heads turn in their direction. For anyone who is a fashion addict, this is one significant tip that not only is it important to wear stylish clothes and accessories, but equally important to have a clear, healthy and glowing skin as well as a hairstyle that suits them perfectly.

Carrying all these aspects with a positive outlook will definitely create the miracle for you. Talking about hairstyles, it is a broad aspect of concern for men where an overall persona is concerned. You need to know not only about the best hairstyles for your hair length but also one that will ideally suit your face shape. Where men are concerned, another part of concern is the facial hairstyle. This also plays an important role in grooming the person.

Moustache and beard have always been one of the features of men where the face is concerned. Though a lot of men like keeping the face clean shaven, there are many who love to have a moustache and yet others who also care well for a beard to get a different look.

However, having just a simple moustache or a beard is completely out of fashion now and its time to get hang of some of the latest facial hairstyles that men can try on themselves. These facial hairstyles look classy, sophisticated as well as trendy at the same time.

You can easily classify them as modern classics. It is best to use a guide that lists down all the various options that you have in hand where this topic is concerned. You can easily make a pick from the list that you think best suits your face and compliment your looks.

This itinerary below has all the latest facial hairstyles for your convenience and suitability. Checks them out and do your part by choosing the perfect facial hairstyle you want to opt for this time around-

Best Modern Classic Facial Hairstyles for Men

Five O Clock Shadow

The facial hairstyle which occurs on the skin later during the day when you have clean shaven the face early in the morning is tagged as five o clock shadow. It can either be in the form of very light stubble or else a heavy one if you grow the hair in the same pattern for a couple of days.

Male Facial Hairstyles

This will totally depend on the hair growing speed of the man. You can use a beard trimmer to keep this hairstyle maintained. The main purpose of this facial hairstyle is to add definition and edginess to the facial features.

This is especially valid for men who have a soft bone structure. Once you start enjoying this hair style for the face, you might just have to throw away your shaving essentials.

The Goatee Style

Another very demanded and prevalent facial hairstyle for men that never goes out of fashion and definitely deserves to be in the list of modern classics is the goatee style. Though, if you go for a simple version of the same, there is just a little hair growth on the chin and below the lower lips.

However, you can easily modify the version by having a moustache with the goatee which is not connected to each other. Those men who have a round face can easily wear this style without a second thought.

This will add length and width to the face and enhance the facial features well. However, men who have light colored hair or those who have fine hair can find it really difficult to grow a goatee on the face which is prominent enough to catch attention.

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The Circle Beard Look

Famously known as the door knocker, the circle beard is another very popular facial hairstyle that a lot of men love opting for. The circle beard can be easily achieved when the beard is connected with the moustache at the sides of the mouth with a well defined hair line.

The Circle Beard Look

You should however know that this facial hairstyle needs proper care or else it can add weight to the face which is not a good idea. However, one of the benefits is that it definitely adds good length to the round faces.

Regular trimmings are a must have for this facial hairstyle. Along with this, you should completely avoid any kind of heavy growth of hair in this circle beard look.

Balbo Facial Hairstyle

A moustache which is not at all connected or even close to the goatee is what the Balbo facial hairstyle is about. Also, the goatee is in a different shape which entitles to form a T which is upside down. A beard which is grown for a couple of weeks is what you need to successfully have this facial hairstyle.

Once done, you need to shave the sides well and using a trimmer you can easily shape the goatee. You can even try out the Balbo facial hairstyle look without a moustache. This is another modified version that works wonders on men.

The Chinstrap Facial Hairstyle

Herein, the hair stretches from the sideburns of the hair along the jaw line and then connects well at the chin. You can either wear it with a moustache or without one depending upon your personal choice. Also, one of the successful tips for this kind of facial hairstyle is to keep the chinstrap trimmed.

Chinstrap Facial Hairstyle

The benefit of this hairstyle is to give a good frame to the face and also define the jaw line. This should not be confused with a chin curtain where the beard length is much longer and covers the entire chin area. For those who are lovers of R&B and hip hop can definitely get this facial hairstyle as their next look.

These are the top most facial hairstyles that men can opt for. Apart from these there are 100’s of more styles and many that you can experiment or alter according to your choice or suitability.