Latest Chin Strap Beard Styles

Chin Strap Beard Styles

Chin Strap Beard Styles As times have changed, men are now focusing on grooming themselves, owning that stylish and different look much more than before and taking all measures to make a style statement of their own. Such men experiment with their hair, clothes, accessories and even their beard to look elegant and a class-apart. By doing all this not only do they gain popularity amongst women but also make their friends and colleagues jealous and in awe of them.

Changing your dressing styles, hairstyles and even the kind of beard you keep, all come together to portray your personality and tell people what kind of a person you are, without you having to say a single word. Amongst these styles statements, different and unique types of beards are gaining a lot of popularity out of which chin strap beard style seems to be the most favorite amongst men.

A chin strap beard is one where your facial hair forms a thin line which is half to one inch in size, starting from one sideburn and ending at another. It continues through the whole chin and follows your jaw line completely till it reaches the other sideburn. It minimizes the beard that can be seen on an individual’s face and puts a lot of emphasis on his jaw line.

There are a few latest styles in these chin strap beards which you can choose from and shape your beard with the one you like most.

Ideas for Chin Strap Beard Styles

Basic Trim

One of the latest chin strap beard styles is the basic trim which is the easiest and simplest style to achieve. In this style, the hair is just over half an inch in width and starts from one side of the jaw, runs through the chin and reaches the other side. Some people change the width of the chin strap to make it look a little different but the original trim is about half an inch.

French beard

Being easy to maintain, this style is opted by those men who wish to own a different look but do not have a lot of time to take care of it. All you need to do is trim it from time to time and shave off the hair around it. You can grow a moustache along with it or opt for a simple look. A French beard also goes well with this style but that would call for a lot of maintenance on a regular basis.

Broken One

In this latest style, the beard of an individual moves to both the lower jaw sides but does not reach below it. The simplest style to maintain, you do not need to worry about the hair growing on the chin area which can prove a little difficult to trim. People generally do not keep a moustache with this style as it gives a carefree look to the individual. Many young boys and men opt for this style.

Pointed Strap

Pointed strap beard style is gaining immense popularity amongst bald men lately. The strap starts off a thick band of hair near the upper jaws but trims down as it reaches the lower portion. The two sideburns are not connected in this style. Some people extend the thickness near the lower jaws too.

Pointed Strap

However, this kind a chin strap needs a lot of maintenance and an individual may have to shave off the surrounding hair near the chins every day to keep the style looking great. This style has become popular lately with more and more trying out the look even though it comes with the maintenance factor.

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Thin Strap

Another new style in the world of chin strap beards is the thin strap. In order to own this style of beard draw a thin line with a pen and mark the area which you want to keep as the beard. Shave off the rest of the hair. People who do not like thick bands of hair should definitely try this style. Being simple to maintain, this latest styles gives a very different look to your face.

Neck Line 

Not many men shape their chin straps in this style as it needs maintenance and doesn’t suit each man’s face easily. Despite the fact, it has gained a lot of popularity amongst the few men who dare to try out this style.

Neck Line

Here, the chin strap starts from one sideburn, reaches the other and forms a strap around your chin. The difference lies in the fact that the hair below the chin extends till your neck making it look like a semi-beard. However, as the hair progresses towards the side-burns, they get thinner and thinner and just about merge with your sides.

Lip Lock

Another chin strap beard style which is becoming famous lately is the lip lock. In this style, the strap starts from one side of the face and moves to the other covering the entire chin and jaw line. The thickness of such a strap is a little less than half an inch.

However, the area between the chin and your lips gets covered by the beard, seeming as if it is touching your lips and hence the name. This style looks great on young men and makes them look trendy instantly. This is the reason why this latest beard style is being used by young bachelors to attract women towards them and make heads turn wherever they go.

A chinstrap beard style looks very stylish and gives the impression that you are daring enough to try something new. Some styles must be maintained on a regular basis if one wishes to keep the beard neat and trimmed. If you do not trim it from time to time, it will make your face look quite vague as it merges with the growing beard.

It would be wrong on your part to think that you can just shape this beard and relax, with nothing to worry about. You should definitely try one of these latest chin strap beard styles and see how people start perceiving you in a different manner.