Latest Black Men Hairstyles

Short Buzz Cut

Short Buzz Cut Black men hairstyles are increasingly becoming popular as the dark complexion blends very well with the natural black hair and add to the looks and attractiveness of a man. You can be innovative, playful, serious or even simple when choosing a hairstyle for your black complexion and create a stunning look be it for an official meet or a party.

Black men often think that there are very few hairstyles that will suit their looks and complexion and that they will have to remain in one hairstyle all their lives. This is a complete myth as black men can choose from a various number of options when it comes to hairstyles and change their looks from time to time.

Hairstyles Ideas For Black Men

Short Buzz Cut

The short buzz cut is one of the best hairstyles for black men as it requires you to cut your hair short in a simple manner, giving you an elegant and stylish look wherever you go. To get this hairstyle cut your hair extremely short without any colouring or highlighting. This kind of a hairstyle is very easy to maintain and you will just need to trim it from time to time.


This hairstyle is for men with long hair. If you wish to experiment with your hair but are afraid to do so, start by owning small dreadlocks by neatly plaiting your hair.


Take a few strands of hair and plait them neatly, ensuring that you do not leave behind any hair. If you wish to carry this style to work, you can rope in all the deadlocks and tie them into one big ponytail.

Braided Hairstyle

This style can be used by men who have both long and short hair. Divide your hair into 6 to 7 equal parts and braid them in a neat manner. You can form various patterns with the braided styles, be it a zig-zag pattern, shapes of a diamond, flame, scorpion, sun rays or crown. This will not only make you look stylish and trendy but change your personality and add to your dark complexion by all means.

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Another favorite hairstyle of black men is stripes which is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. You can use this hairstyle in parties, family dinners or when at home, though it is doubtful how comfortable will you feel at your workplace with such a hairstyle.


Visit the nearest salon and get a haircut done so that your hair becomes quite short. You can then ask the stylist to create small spikes all over your hair which should be spaced out in all directions.


The Mohawk hairstyle is being used by many black men lately and has been suiting them really well. In this hairstyle, both the sides of your head are shaven off completely. A strip of hair which is quite long in size is left behind in the centre.

The portion of hair which gets left behind can be made into braids or spikes, colored or highlighted in different colors and even simply backcombed and tied together to form a small pony.