Know if she is flirting with you


Guys, if you are in the crux of any relationship with women, watch out if she has any serious intention to be with you or just wasting her time in the name of flattery. Women at times are hard to identify and time and again the fact has been clear that they can be very good flirts. So, when you are looking for a stable partner for a relation, check out before you delve deep into it. If the lady is attempting to grab your attention just for the sake of fun, you can find it out from her attitude and gestures.

Open and clear communication is mandatory for in any relation. Girls with an intention of flirting generally avoid serious topic of discussion most of the times. You might find them attentive in the beginning and later on you may find her uninterested in you just for no good reason. Flirting can be fun if it is harmless without any strings attached from both sides. But for guys, who are not looking for short flings may take themselves within the blues afterwards. By that time the girl has already laid her bait on someone else.

It is always a better idea to watch before you initiate a relation. It is a prudent to know the girl beforehand and understand her well before any serious mental attachment. We need to remember that women are sensible creatures. They normally do form a shield to safeguard themselves from the men. All the senses make a perfect synergy and work together to create the world of a woman.

Girls with an intention of flirting don’t bother much whether you smell like lavender or garbage. But no, you are wrong my dear it bothers them as much as it does for her male counterparts when they take pleasure in flirting. But when they want to flirt with you, believe me nothing can really stop her to get back to you and hook you up, so be cautious!!!