Know How Much Is Enough Red Wine


Hey guys, before you pour yourself another drink to set the mood, be sure you are not going overboard with all the great reports splashed across various lifestyle and health magazines about the benefits of red wine. Yes, there can be too much of a good thing, also and you need to be aware of the correct measure of red wine you imbibe in order to gain the best health benefits and remain in the spirit of things!

So, the latest dope on how much red wine a day is good for you, as advised by the experts regarding regular consumption, is no more than 125ml of wine a day to stay in a good mood and to gain the greatest health benefits. This measure (approx one glass) provides you with a balanced blend of black currant (antioxidant properties), caramel (sweet high) and cedar (woodsy flavour and aroma for a full bodied experience of spirits). Thus, you get the flavourful advantage of reducing your heart disease risk substantially.

Recent studies conducted by scientists at the Harvard Medical School also corroborated the above-mentioned fact (about the daily dose of red wine significantly cutting your risk of heart disease) besides the flavanoids in it helping to reduce your LDL (undesirable cholesterol levels) and boost your good HDL levels.

Moreover, sticking to this recommended daily wine intake limit (which brings it to 7 glasses of wine per week) has the researchers from Seattle’s’ Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre also linking strong percentages of prostrate cancer likelihood (almost 48% less risk, they say) with persons drinking red wine within these limits.

However, they are quick to add that it is prudent to spread out your intake of red wine though and just enough is an upper limit of 375 ml a day, so do keep the cork handy before you over-do things and go out of the optimal recommended amount for gaining the maximum health benefits, such as added protection to lung cells and increased fortification against tumour growth, thanks to the antioxidant present in this delightfully romantic tipple!

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