Katrina A Success And Sexiness Combo


Many people have been wondering about the reason for success of Katrina Kaif and especially how she has managed to make a mark in Bollywood despite her not knowing how to speak the essential language of the Hindi film industry; of course, her detractors believed that there is just so far she could go with her gorgeous looks, but even they admit (albeit grudgingly) that Salman Khan’s arm-candy has more to her personality than just being a hot-shot actor’s girlfriend.

What makes Katrina Kaif click as an established Bollywood actress and international model as well is her sincerity to her profession, which was apparent even in her early modelling days (she began modelling at 14 and there was no looking back for her ever since).

Though Katrina Kaif’s sex appeal has never been in doubt – right from her ad-modelling days for L’Oreal, Pantene and Kodak to her forays into Bollywood with romantic comedies, the surprise element lies in her recent public statement.

In a current media interview, Ms. Kaif reportedly revealed, “It’s not my style to either wear minimum clothes, to strip or to even be comfortable with a sex-symbol label.” However, this beauty among 8 sisters (her younger sister is rumoured to be starring in a film opposite Salman Khan next year) attributes her professional success and fame to the fact that she moved to London and got big breaks in print modelling, which allowed her to travel to Hawaii and shuttle between London and the Island nation to get a global viewpoint and thus, larger scope for networking.

Even though her first film, Boom, didn’t crashed at the box office, it was Katrina Kaif’s apparently ‘phoren’ looks that the Hindi moviegoers are still fascinated with that kept her star-status up and ensured flow of regular offers from big banners down South as well as Mumbai.

Exhaustive training in language and dance lessons have actually enabled the dark-eyed beauty to boost her repertoire as a Hindi film actress, she says of her success, negating any link to her sexy image that she feels she has never consciously strived to achieve as she prepares for latest films to release like Rave Party, De Dhana Dhan and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani!