Itchy Penis – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Itchy Penis

There are times when you might feel an itch around the genital region, particularly on the penis. This is an indication that you may be experiencing itchy penis syndrome. Sometimes it is easy to cure this momentary itch while at other times, it is best to consult a doctor to treat the actual cause for a complete recovery.

Some of the main causes of an itching penis include infection, sexually transmitted diseases, poor hygiene or allergies.

Bacterial/Fungal Infection
When the genital region is infected by bacteria or fungi, the itch can be quite uncomfortable. It is most likely that the itch is caused by either ringworm or jock itch. Ringworm is a fungus which grows in conditions that are warm and damp, whereas jock itch, known as tinea cruris in medical terms, is a type of bacteria which thrives in warm and damp areas. The main cause of these infections is poor hygiene.

Look out for signs of rash, changes in color on the skin or any discomfort in the genitals. A ringworm infection is seen as a change in skin color in the form of a circle.

It is easy to treat these symptoms. Just wash the areas which are infected using a mild soap and warm water, then keep the area completely dry. Put on clean and loose-fitting clothes for good ventilation. Wash your clothes thoroughly with a special detergent which will kill the fungus to avoid a recurrence of the infection. You may consult your doctor for some cream to ease the symptoms. Other creams or lotions for penis health which have anti-fungal or anti-bacterial attributes can also be applied.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
This type of disease is transmitted through sexual intercourse and causes symptoms such as itch, discomfort and irritation around the genital region. Both herpes zoster and chlamydia cause itching on the scrotum and penis while others cause discharges, sores or even blisters on the skin. The first sign of an STD infection can be the itch and it may take as long as a month after the first contact with a partner who is infected. A doctor will prescribe some medications to treat an STD but the best way to avoid it is to practice safe sex.

Poor Hygiene
When you do not take care of your hygiene, it is easy for the itching to begin and can cause a great deal of discomfort. It is reflected by changes in skin color and swelling on the skin.   Uncircumcised men who fail to ensure that their foreskin is clean and dry may fall prey to the itch and skin irritation. The best way to avoid the itch is to maintain the hygiene of your genitals. To treat the itch, wash your genitals with warm water and a mild soap before drying the area thoroughly and carefully. Put on clean clothes which are not tight fitting. Apply the proper creams to lessen and eliminate the itch.

Some daily cleansing products like washing powder and bath soap can cause allergies and irritations. There may be other materials which will cause the itch or rash to break out when in direct contact with the skin.

The best treatment for allergies is to stop using the product causing the irritation immediately. Again, cleanse your affected area carefully and thoroughly with soap and warm water. Apply the right cream or lotion to ease the irritation.

Doctors may recommend a special cream for penis health to overcome penis skin problems. One such product that contains vitamins, minerals, certain moisturizers with Vitamin E and anti-bacterial materials, Man1Man Oil, is formulated especially for the penis to ease the itching and to maintain good skin health.