Is Male Hair Loss Prevention Really Possible?


menhairloss Causes:

Hair loss amongst males is normally attributed to genetic disorder. Researchers say that Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is caused by Androgen hormone in the body of males.

Due to genetic changes an enzyme is created in the body and the Androgen hormone gets converted to Dihydrotestostrone (DHT).   This DHT covers the hair follicles on the scalp.

The normal life of a hair is two to six years after which the follicles produce new hair. But due to lack of blood supply, the follicles are unable to produce new hair. The existing hair gets thinner. The result is the baldness.


1. Many treatments are available to cure MPB or Male Pattern Baldness. One such treatment recommended is grafting of the hair. This method is quite expensive. Further, this method of treatment is painful.

In this treatment, there are many side effects like swelling of the scalp, formation of cysts, etc. In some cases, there will be swelling in the eyes also.

In addition to this, if grafting is not properly made, it may change the pattern of the hair formation and that would give a more distorted look and the entire process of grafting would go waste.

2. There are other treatments for Male Pattern Baldness. Many liquids and creams are also available. Amongst this the best and the most acclaimed method is applying ‘Minoxidil’.

This medicine reduces the DHT level. With the reduction in DHT level, the blood supply to follicles increases. With the increase in blood supply, the follicles start to produce new hair. So baldness reduces. This is the best remedies to fight baldness. This method does not have any side effect.

3. In addition to Minoxidil, additional vitamin input is also required. They are vitamin B6 and Biotin. This vitamin not only rejuvenates the hair, but is also very good for the growth of nails and skin.

Zinc and Magnesium are other necessary minerals required by the body.  These minerals also help in the growth of hair. These vitamins and minerals are available as supplements in many drug stores.

There are many vegetables, fruits and herbs that are rich in these minerals. This method does not have any side effects.