Irresistible Men

Irresistible Men

Every girl in this planet has a certain image of her ‘prince charming’ and every man wishes to be a prince charming to a woman at some point in life. While the men think that it is the stereo-type ‘tall-dark and handsome’ that the women pine for, the truth of the matter is far from it. In reality, physical appearance is not in the priority list of most women. So, what is it that the women find irresistible in men?

To start with, it is important to understand as to what according to the women makes a man ‘macho’.  While the image of a six-pack-bulging-biceps pops in to the minds of most men, for the women it could just be a simple man who can lend his shoulders when she cries.

A fine blend of a good physical appearance and an emotional tinge does the trick. Next in the list is a well-groomed man, who is an instant attention grabber. This fact gives out the message that a man who takes care of himself, will take care of his mate as well. So dear guys, if it is a serious mature relationship you are looking out for , then clean nails, groomed hair and fresh clothes could help.

The next pointer in order to be a ladies man is to develop a certain degree of style-quotient. This does not necessarily mean that you shell-out heavy bucks, but having a certain sense of style makes a good impression. Your clothing might be hand-picked from the street-stalls, but the way you put-it together is what counts. Keep track of what is-in and the latest trend around, that way you are sure to score on the popularity charts.

Have you been wondering why that geeky-looking guy with braces and an instant grin is so popular with the women? Well, it could be his sense of humor. Women simply love a guy with a good sense of humor. A man who can fill you up with giggles is an instant hit, as we have enough bad news at our end to have another dose coming up. So, next time perk-it up and make your lady love laugh and you will see just how that can actually ‘heat-things’ up between the two of you.

‘Care’ is another quality that makes a man irresistible to women. Show your woman you care, hold her hand when she speaks, kiss her when she wants’ to be loved and hug her when she is low. These little gestures work wonders and sometimes more than a romp-in-the-bed. It not only shows you care on the long run, but also acts as foreplay for the better things to come!

Urshit Tahir