Internships For Career Success


There are many men who are highly advanced in their careers and not afraid to admit they started out with humble beginnings, like taking up un-paid or low-paying internships which gave them a good grounding in basic job skills needed to secure better positions.

This is the chief reason behind many modern men also pursuing or at least, considering taking up intern positions with companies that can help boost their career profile. Many a time, very successful people, including celebrities like Brooke Shield and NBC Nightly’s TV presenter, Brian Williams beside famous talk show host, Oprah Winfrey had taken up internships at companies that had little to do with their current career choices, but they readily admit the experience paid off in helping them negotiate and secure better jobs as they got the smarts necessary to move up the ladder.

So, while Oprah started modestly as an intern for her city’s CBS affiliate company, Brian interned at the White House when Jimmy Carter was president and model-actress Brooke Shields was a trainee at the San Diego Zoo (who’d have thought of that unlikely internship for someone so glamorous, but its true) while Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates served as a Congressional Page before they all become high profile corporate names.

So, for young men who are starting off in their careers, the value of a well-chosen internship can actually spell success in the long term, provided they are a good match between future prospects aimed at by the candidate.

The other advantage to taking up intern positions early in your career is these are great networking opportunities with higher ups in the business of your choice and provide you with varied professional references, if one contact doesn’t pay off!

Besides, if as an intern you can prove yourself indispensable to the organization (e.g. being reliable, flexible and displaying group motivator talents that boost work environment and add productivity), its bound to get noticed and possibly create a potential permanent job opening for you!

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