Ingrown Hairs


Ingrown hairs are a common problem with many men, especially for those who go in for a wax hair removal treatment where the therapist pulls the roots at the follicle out, as this is what the method requires.

However, this leaves the hair with no root and re-growth takes close to a month. During this time, old skin sheds off and new skin layers come up, which get pushed to the surface and sometimes form a ‘scab’-like growth over the removed portion of the hair; thus, the hair gets trapped under the skin and this is what ingrown hair is all about.

For those who have not experienced ingrown hairs, this is a condition that can be pretty painful and so either you have never waxed or you’ve never used an epilator!

For those who have experienced ingrown hairs, take heart; there are ways to beat the pain of ingrown hairs! Begin by shedding your tight clothes as these worsen the condition since your hair cannot grow out freely.

Extracting out the ingrown hair is the best way to deal with it, recommend trained therapists who have years of experience with male grooming salons and parlors. They also recommend never squeezing, but applying light force to get the ingrown hair out and this done quickly, helps to bring about quicker healing for the concerned root area too.

To conduct a successful extraction for ingrown hair (it can also occur on the face), take a warm face cloth and place it on the affected region; once your skin is warm, it’s easier to extract the ingrown hair. Using your fingers (not nails), skim over the surface so you narrow down on the hair you want to pull out; use a tweezer to force out the said hair and if you like, you can rub an ice-cube over the area to numb the pricking sensation that follows.

Else, use a bit of anti-bacterial cream so your skin gets soothed and heals faster from the forcible extraction procedure of ingrown hair.
You can prevent the recurrence of ingrown hairs by avoiding hot water for at least 36 hours after waxing as your skin is very sensitive after this hair removal procedure; also, exfoliate often and thoroughly so there are no dead skin cells on your skin’s surface that will encourage ingrown hairs.