Inflammation Fighters


Have you frequently had to cancel out on your weekend doubles matches with a pal because you’re still nursing sore spots from last week’s appointment, or had to excuse yourself from a really hot date because of an aching joint that would anyway have limited your ‘action?’ Well, these tight spots – tennis elbows and inflamed areas of the body – are pretty common health set-backs that can be treated and dealt with many home remedies that are much better options than taking suspect medication that often has undesirable side-effects.

If the recent study conducted by Harvard’s School of Public Health is anything to go by, one can not only learn how to treat problems of inflammation with off-the-kitchen-counter remedies, but also learn how to keep injuries at bay with a practical guide developed by them on busting its causes.

The study reveals that inflammation can be of many types, even affecting the gums, which can lead to a greater risk of cancer for the person suffering from it; including certain kinds of foods that have natural inflammation-busting properties is a fast and effective way of dealing with this issue, the research recommended.

You can add to your overall wellbeing by preventing instances of swelling by introducing fruit such as Pineapples and Cherries into your daily diet that act as inflammation busters for your body. Pineapples are packed with energizing vitamins, antioxidants and healthy enzymes that serves as a potent all-body, anti-inflammation cocktail and even protects against colon cancer, arthritis, and macular degeneration, reveals Lynn Grieger, who is an acclaimed health food and fitness coach. The recommended dose of Pineapple is 120ml twice or thrice a week to fight inflammation.

As far as cherries are concerned, the best way to consume these (according to the US Dept. of Agriculture) is to have about 45 of them daily, so don’t reach out for that cherry pie just yet!

Bring a dash of Italy into the kitchen experimentations of yours and do your cooking in extra-virgin olive oil, which is monounsaturated fats, and polyphenols that actively reduce inflammation in cells and joints, which is as good as taking an ibuprofen for treating inflammation. Just 10ml a day enables you to enjoy the good life, longer, so check it out, do!

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