Impotence In Men

Impotence In Men

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a condition in which a man is unable to get an erection that is strong enough for him to sustain sexual intercourse. It can also refer to the inability to maintain the erection for a certain amount of time.

Who Suffers From ED
Estimations differ widely but one report says that between fifty and thirty million American males suffer from ED. Some suffer from a complete inability to get an erection, while others are unable to sustain it through complete intercourse. According to the report, after age forty and before age sixty five, about five percent of men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. After age sixty five, the percentage of men who suffer from this complaint increases to between fifteen and twenty-five. This is in keeping with the common knowledge that the older you get, the more your sexuality suffers.

How An Erection is Formed
An erection begins in the mind of the male. A vivid mental image, either real or imagined, or any of several other stimuli, is enough to start the process. Blood flow to the Corpora Cavernosa, two parallel tissue structures on both sides of the penis increases. The composition of these structures is such that they increase in size, thus producing an erection.

Obstacles to an Erection
Any one of several factors can prevent or slow the process of obtaining an erection. An organic defect, tissue damage, diabetes, vascular or neurological damage can prevent the normal chain of events that culminate in an erection. A decrease in levels of Testosterone can also contribute to ED, as can that scourge of modern life – depression.

Fighting Back
There are several things that can be done to fight against ED. One way is by improving one’s physical and mental outlooks. Daily exercise can improve one’s physical condition and increase one’s levels of Testosterone. A healthy diet with foods that contain Zinc such as Oysters and beans, as well as several servings of fruits and vegetables can also help. This kind of diet will improve one’s overall health. Another way of fighting against ED is by cultivating a healthier mental outlook. Being more optimistic and taking part more in everyday activities, either in the family or in society, will make a man healthier in every way.