Importance Of Losing Flab Around Your Abs


It was a long time ago when I went to the doc’s with a high blood pressure problem that was discovered during a routing checkup. The doctor, who was a personal friend, just ignored my answer to his question about how I was feeling. He instead asked me to do him a favor and carry a small cloth bag with a couple of cardboard boxes in it to a nurse on the fifth floor – “and oh“, he had said, ” please don’t wait for the lift they are repairing it on the last floor, hurry and go by the stairs”. I did as I was told. The bad weighed about 5 kilos and when I reached the 5tht floor the nurse told me that it was ok I could return with the bag to the doctor on the ground floor, the purpose had been served.

When I returned I was panting and sweating. Doc against enquired about my health and I said I was tired. He said, “You see, the bad weighs 5 kilos that is half as much useless weight you are carrying around your middle. Because it gradually grew on you, you don’t feel it but you have to carry it with you anyway. Lose it and you will feel much lighter – and healthier”. The Doc had made his point. He referred me to a physiotherapist at a local gym I began to attend regularly.

The instructor concentrated on reducing my middle very gradually and in a matter of two months I had a relatively flat abdomen. Eight months late all my abdominal fat was gone and I never got to know when my hypertension disappeared either.

The exercises that worked best were the ones where I had to lie on my back with my knees folded and feet flat on the floor. Palms face down flat against my upper abdomen and taking a deep breath I had to raise my head and shoulders a couple of inches off the floor, hold it for 3 seconds and relax. Repeat this exercise 15 times in sets of three every day and on the 40 day you will begin to look different. There is no need to do complete sit ups as many people do. Gradually after 15 days increase the angle of the head and shoulders by a couple of inches are all that is required. This is very good for the upper Abdominal Rectus muscles. Next raise your knees to touch your chest repeat 15 times in sets of three. Just do this for 40 days then graduate to other exercises – you will be pleasantly pleased!