Importance of Appearance at Work


officeapprenece People often judge you based on the way you look. So it has become important to look your best when you go out or are having company. Here are some tips that will keep your look your best and make a good first impression because the first impression is the last impression. You should keep certain things in mind before you leave the house and all the time when you are out.

Bathe Every Day: You should take a shower when you wake up. You can also take a shower after a workout, or if you are going out for the night. A simple shower includes water, soap and towel.

Clean Your Face And Groom Your Hair: You should ensure that you have a clean face; it does not necessarily mean you have to shave. It takes more than a few seconds to look in the mirror to check for nose hair, dirt in the beard or crust in the eyes.

Trim your hair regularly; wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner every day. Select one day in a week for tending the hairs of nose, ear and chest.

Cleanliness Of Hands: Keep your hands clean by regularly cutting your nails, clean the dirt with a nail cleaner,  wash your hands frequently and use hand lotion occasionally to keep your hands  smooth.

Lip Care With Lip Balm: Chapped lips look worse than anything does. Regular use of lip balm in proportionate amounts can help in caring for your lips. Many men feel embarrassed to apply lip balm in public because it portrays an unmanly look. They can do it privately, in the bathroom.

Dress Well: You should always wear clothes that are clean, free of wrinkles and make sure that your clothes smell good. Put on clothes that fit you and stand before the mirror for few moments to check the fit of the clothes that your wear. Pay attention to what you are wearing.

Proper Posture: Once you are out, maintain a posture that will make you look good. You should focus on standing and sitting in straight position. You can practice some postural exercises that will give strength to the core muscles.

Check Your Smell: Sweat is your enemy. If you sweat a lot, then wearing an undershirt can prevent sweat stains on the shirt. Using talcum powder will ensure a good smell and you can apply it on your feet to keep them dry when wearing shoes without socks.

Quick Facial Check After A Meal: Have a quick facial check after you eat, in a bathroom mirror. Scan your face, teeth and nose for any evidence of the meal. You should brush your teeth after a meal, and if that is not possible, then use mouthwash and toothpick to clean your mouth and teeth and chew on some mints.

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