Ideal Summer Destinations


Summer is a season which brings heat in many parts of the world. The intensity of heat varies from place to place, but there are very few places which are ideal to visit in summers because of the moderate temperature and wonderful atmosphere. Few of these places are:


The place has a lot of attraction for the tourist in summer and throughout the year, as well. The white sand beaches, crystal blue sea water, forests and above all, the hospitable people are the main reasons that compel tourists to visit Fiji.

Fiji is located along south Pacific and has more than three hundred islands. The atmosphere of Fiji is worth seeing. The place has very good weather and temperature during the summer season.


Vietnam is a hub of both cultural and commercial activities. Vietnam has its specific attraction in the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Hanoi is famous for its French culture and civilization, with a mixture of Chinese influence.

The city has rich historical background and infra-structure. The city is also famous because of the number of lakes it has. Ho Chi Minh is the commercial hub of Vietnam.

The city is also called Saigon and has many temples that draw their inspiration from Chinese culture and history, and a lot of museums. The city has a well known market which has hundred of stalls offering variety of goods. Ho Long Bay is another reason for the popularity of the city. Bay is famous for its quiet and serene atmosphere.

Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka is another good summer vacation destination. The country has a rich variety of hill stations, beaches and biological diversification. The beaches in Sri Lanka offer variety of activities for the visitors.

You can watch Dolphins and Whale fish in the coastal waters of Sri Lanka. Other sports activities are also available on the beaches which include scuba diving and many others.’

Hikkadua is the popular beach resort and famous for its unique variety of fish and coral. The resort has many water sports activities on offer to the visitors.

Galle is also a famous vacation spot in the south of Sri Lanka and very popular for the preservation of natural resources including harbor.