How your Teen Can Build Their Self Esteem


teenselfesteem Self esteem development begins at a very early age.  Children with high self esteem have a “can do” attitude while children with low self esteem are skeptical about their capabilities.

As a child develops into a teenager, his/her self esteem is challenged by other teens.

If is important as a parent to reinforce the positive qualities of your teenager and help the teen build self esteem.  Following are some ways to help your child build their self esteem, especially when they are knocked down by others.

Watch what you say around your child.  Children are very influenced by what others say about them.  If your child does well, praise him for it and also encourage him to continue to do well.

Children look for their parent’s approval.  If your child fails at something, do not discourage the efforts.  Instead recognize that they tried their best and reassure them that the next time they try hard they will succeed.

As a parent you need to stay positive around your child.  If a child senses that you are negative in your approach to something he/she will have the same negative feelings.

Give your child love regardless of what the child says or does.  Children thrive when they feel the love of a parent.  Reassure them that you are proud of them by telling them so as well as displaying affection.  Make your child feel safe and loved at home.

Their home should be somewhere that they can come and relax from the stress that they encounter at school.  Home should always have an accepting environment.

Involve your child in friendly, positive activities.  Have them join group sports where they can learn to work and succeed as a team.

Extracurricular activities that encourage one-on-one competition usually result in one child winning and the other losing.  Try to stay away from this type of competition.

If you have tried some of the previously listed techniques to building your child’s self esteem yet the child still suffers from low self esteem, you may need to get some professional help for them.

A professional child counselor can work with your teenager privately to understand what is causing low self esteem and help work through it.