How To Win A Pisces Woman’s Heart

How To Win A Pisces Woman's Heart

How To Win A Pisces Woman's Heart The Pisces woman is one of the most interesting species of women. She is feminine but tough, emotional but steady, sweet and caring but practical. She is often known to possess dual nature, which makes it extremely difficult to understand her. One wrong word and she is gone. But, if dealt with carefully, she can be one of the most compassionate lovers. Read on to understand how to win a Pisces woman’s heart.

 Who Is A Pisces Woman?

It is generally said that a Piscean woman is easy to get but hard to keep. It is true for most cases because often her man fails to understand her. A typical Pisces woman is a sensitive and emotional woman, but do not take that for granted. She is not a cry baby. A Pisces woman has something mysterious which always attracts men. She loves attention and likes to be chased. A spiritual person, she often has a creative streak in her. She sometimes has doubts about her abilities and has a hard time saying ‘no’ to people, which might or might not include her man.

Make An Effort

First and foremost, make her feel that you need her in your life. Make her feel wanted. But again do not become too clingy, she loves her space and freedom. It’s a bit tricky but definitely worth it. Tell her often in simple and innocent ways that you love her company. For her actions definitely speak louder than words, so follow suit. Express your feelings not only in words but also in actions.

Don’t Break Promises

For her, promises are important. Do not promise her the world if you cannot give it to her. She likes a man who keeps his promises and if you are not a man of his words, then a Piscean woman is not the right choice for you. She will keep all her promises and expects the same from you. The good thing is that she is not a stickler for expensive things; she loves meaningful gifts even if they are inexpensive.

Listen And Support

She loves to talk and pour out to her man. So be a good listener. She turns stubborn at times if things do not go according to her. So bear with it. She is going to talk her heart out anyway. These meaningful gestures mean a lot to her. Understand that she has very less faith in her abilities. Become her mentor, guide and friend and always remind her that she is special. She loves to be in the shadow of her man but do not allow that always. You can be the ‘man’ in the relationship but make her realize about her potential.

Be Dreamy

She is a hopeless romantic. For her, relationships are out of a Mills and Boons novel or a beautiful romantic flick. Give her that kind of a romance. She loves candle light dinners, evening walks, trips to amusement parks, lakes et al. It pays to be her lover because she can prove to be an exceptionally compassionate lover in the longer run.

Do Not Suffocate Her

Pisceans love their freedom and individuality. Do not make her feel suffocated. Due to her natural tendencies, she would be drawn towards helping and caring for others. Do not misunderstand that. It’s her natural behavior. Revel in her goodness and make her feel nice. Since, she cannot say no to anyone, she ends up helping everyone who comes to her. This also adds to the fact that she will be a very good wife and mother. Her natural tendency is to keep everyone happy.

Keep your senses open and receptive. A Piscean woman is extremely committed and devoted and expects the same from her partner. Be the man of her dreams and sweep her off her feet.

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