How To Wear Jeans To Work


If you knew there were ways to wear jeans to work and pull off a really professional, put-together look, wouldn’t you just love to breeze into office with your favourite pair of Levis over the casual weekender dress-ups in khakis and chinos that other regular Joes do? We know you would!

That’s just why we’ve brought some of the best tips on wearing jeans to work and looking professional with it too – so you could combine a casual comfort style along with avoiding the ‘boy-band’ look everybody else minus fashion wisdom sports!

Especially with Friday dressing being what makes your weekend wonderful, there’s also the added attraction of winning a date with your best-fitting pair of jean combined with a body-defining cut of a designer sports jacket or tie and blazer for a less formal but equally pleasing to the eye look! However, there’s more to teaming your jeans with something stylish than simply pulling on the oldest, most comfy pair you’ve forever lounged in!

Do pick dark denim for wearing jeans to the office; when teamed with dress shoes, the darker shade provides the perfect foil for a refined and classic country club look! From fly-buttons to zipper closure ones, you can opt for many different styles, though the experts recommend selecting a straight leg cut as the best for office wear as too much of a modern cut may not look ideal in all business circumstances, like an impromptu meeting or corporate product launch.

If your office atmosphere is very casual though, you could try teaming the boot-cut jeans with a sweater or sports coat, though to be on the safe side, stylish oxfords or boots with Hugo Boss, Calven Klein, or Ralph Lauren jeans that always have clean-cut lines and great fits with quality material are a better bet.