How To Treat Blood Clot In Eyes

How To Treat Blood Clot In Eyes

When we notice that there is a red spot in the white portion of our eye, we name it as a blood clot in the eye and this may appear suddenly shifting its position from time to time. In medical terms it is known as subconjunctival hemorrhage and in this situation bleeding is seen right below the conjunctiva. This kind of a clot occurs overnight and may remain there till it is treated or removed properly.

How To Treat Blood Clot In Eyes


Conjunctiva is a thin layer which covers the white portion in our eyes and it is made up of many blood vessels along with nerves. It forms a kind of protection over the eyeball. Our eyes have very delicate blood vessels and when they get ruptured on getting hit or injured, a blood clot forms. This blood clot prevents from a lot of blood from getting lost.

There are many causes of blood clot. When a person gets injured in the eye or puts extra strain on their eyes for a long time, these clots occur. Also people with high blood pressure, constipation, stress and anxiety are more prone to getting these clots in their eyes.

People who are suffering from diabetes or cough and sneeze throughout the day get these clots easily. Many people who are on such medications which thin the blood can develop clots in the eye. These clots should be treated at the earliest to avoid further problems and complications.

Blood Clot In Eye Treatments

Hot Compress

The blood clot can make the eyes irritable. Using a hot compress over the affected area will reduce the irritation and help decrease the clot gradually. Hot compress can be done with a hot piece of cloth which is soft and clean.

Treat Blood Clot In Eyes

The hot compress should be done for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time after which it should be removed for at least 15 minutes. It is recommended not to do hot compress for more than 8 times in a single day.

Ice Cubes

A few ice cubes should be taken and wrapped in a piece of cloth. This should be kept on the eye from time to time to provide relief and a soothing sensation and also reduce the clot slowly. This can be done at least five to seven times a day for rapid relief. However, care should be taken that water from the cubes which melts does not enter the eye as it can cause an infection.


Take a fresh cucumber and cut some slices of it. These slices can be kept on the eye to provide relief to them and also reduce the irritation. Do not place the cucumber for more than twenty minutes at one time. Cut fresh pieces of cucumber every time you use them and discard them immediately after use.

Rose Water

Take a fresh cotton ball and pour 3 to 4 drops of rose water over it. Squeeze this water inside the eye to clean the eyes and remove all types of dirt or foreign particles.

Blood Clot In Eyes

This also has a cooling effect on the eyes and makes a person feel fresh. Rose water is very good for the eye and can be used on a regular basis for basic cleansing.


Garlic has anticoagulant properties which are capable of reducing the size of blood clots and also removing them. It is best to eat 4 to 5 cloves of garlic each day if you wish to dissolve the clot quickly. If you are unable to eat them raw, try gulping them with water or add them in your food in good quantities.

Avoid Straining your Eyes

It is advisable not to strain your eyes when experiencing a blood clot inn them as this can aggravate the problem and make the blood clot larger in size. An increase in the degree of redness is also seen.

Watching the television, reading or using the computer or other similar activities should be strictly avoided when facing a blood clot. It is also important to stay in a well illuminated room at all times, as improper and dim lighting can increase the problem to a great extent.

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Eye Exercises

In order to relax our eye muscles and also increase the blood flow, one must resort to eye exercises on a regular basis.

Blood Clot In Eyes Treatments

Increase in blood flow implies that more oxygen is being supplied to the eye and its surrounding area, which will help clear the clot quickly. Exercises which may strain the eye should be strictly avoided.


Herbs have been proven to be quite effective in relaxing and rejuvenating our blood vessels in the eye and also remove blood clots. The dried extracts of herbs can be taken or they can be dissolved in water to form tea. A little bit of sugar should be added to this tea. One can drink it twice every day to get fast results.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is very rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids and is able to break clots which may occur in any part of the body as they decrease the stickiness in the platelets. They also prevent new blood clots to form in our eyes. Fish oil can also be used as an alternative to flaxseed oil.

Sassafras Tea

This tea has been proven to be used by many people to clean and purify blood. It is of great use in breaking down clots, reducing them and removing them altogether.

Natural Treatments For Blood Clot In Eyes

It can also be consumed on a regular basis to avoid clots from forming at any point of time and keep the blood healthy and pure.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Exercising on a regular basis for a minimum of 30 minutes is good not only for our heart and body but also for our eyes. Cardiovascular exercises make the whole body’s blood circulation much better and faster and help remove blood clots, if any.

They do not let new clots form at any point of time. Walking, running, swimming, dancing, aerobics and cycling are some of the best and easy cardiovascular exercises which must be practiced every day to keep the body fit and eyes free from blood clots.

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