How To Treat Blood Clot In Brain

How To Treat Blood Clot In Brain

How To Treat Blood Clot In Brain If a blood vessel gets damaged in our body it results in a few blood cells which are sticky in nature, to collect together and form what is known as a blood clot. This kind of a response is very normal in a human body as the clot which forms ensures that the blood gets sealed in the damaged vessel and is unable to leak out. This helps to stop bleeding immediately.

These clots are also known as thrombi and they are capable of blocking the artery. They stop oxygen along with the blood from reaching the specified organ and may cause damage to the tissue. Blood clots should only take place in the area where the blood needs to be sealed and if they break away from it then they can cause serious harm to other organs.

If such blood clots forms near the heart they can block the flow of blood and cause heart attacks within seconds. If oxygen is unable to reach the brain due to a blood clot blocking its path, it is quite possible that a person may get a stroke.

As we know that the brain is one of the most important organs in our body, it becomes necessary to treat the blood clot immediately so that it is unable to cause severe damage to this organ. These kinds of blood clots which cause an obstruction in the body are known as thrombosis.

Treat Blood Clot In Brain

Clot Removers

A relatively new procedure which removes clots in the brain is being used by doctors worldwide to cure a blood clot in the brain. This procedure is known as clot removal. Very small tools which are connected to one end of a tube called catheter which is quite long and thin is used to break the clot which causes a blockage in the brain that can lead to a stroke.

This catheter enters the patient’s body through an incision and reaches the place where the clot has formed under the guidance of moving images which are seen in an x-ray. They travel through the arteries. The tool attached to the catheter catches the clot and pulls it in. Thus the clot gets removed from the body entirely.

The tools that are used to remove the clot are of two types. The first one is shaped like a corkscrew and it grasps the whole blood clot and pulls it out of the patient’s body. The other type works on the principle of a vacuum as it takes the help of suction to pull out the clot and suck it inside the catheter.


Thrombectomy is the term given to the removal of blood clots with the help of surgical procedures. Being a very advanced and complicated kind of treatment, it requires expert intervention and cannot be performed by any surgeon.

Treat Blood Clot In Brain


If the clot is too severe and may cause a stroke in the brain, doctors consider using this method to cure the person and remove the clot. A person may be advised to rest for several days after the surgery has been performed to ensure that he has recovered well and that he is healthy enough to resume his regular activities.

Clot Busters

Clot busters are those medicines which dissolve the blood clot but in doing so they may cause bleeding in the body. These busters are called thrombolytic agents and they dissolve all kind of clots in the body be it a dangerous clot which may cause a heart attack or a safe clot that seals a weak artery.

Thus it may result in dissolving such clots which actually do well to the body. However, if the clot becomes very big in size, these medicines become a necessity and have to be given to the patient to remove the clot.

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If a blood clot starts growing in size, anticoagulants are given to the patient to prevent the clot from growing any further. They also prevent any new clots from forming in the body. The most common anticoagulant is intravenous heparin and it is being given to many patients around the world. In order to determine the dose for a specific patient that will be most effective on him, a blood test in done after which the time taken for the blood to clot is measured in the laboratory.

Tissue Plasminogen Activator

Tissue plasminogen activator is used to cure people who are suffering from a stroke which is caused due to a blood clot. It is either given into an artery directly or given into a vein intravenously. After a stroke occurs, a patient is immediately given this medicine to make it work well.

Blood Clot In Brain


It has been proven to be helpful in preventing a person from becoming disabled after facing a stroke in the brain. However, it does not lessen the chances of another stroke that might occur in the future. Its main side-effects include high fever, bleeding and very low blood pressure.

Natural Treatment

If a person faces a blood clot in the brain, it becomes absolutely necessary for him to take medications to remove the clot. In some severe cases, surgery is the only cure. However, there a number of natural ways to treat blood clots which help the patient to recover faster. These natural methods aid the medicines in curing the person.

They are absolutely safe and have no side-effects like certain medicines do, so the person does not need to worry about it. Turmeric is considered to be one of the best ways to dissolve a blood clot. They slow down the process of blood clotting thus helping the medicines to work effectively.

Vitamin K helps blood to clot so a person suffering from blood clots should eat those fruits and vegetables that have very little or no Vitamin K. Also there are certain fruits and vegetables which help reduce blood clots to a great extent and should be eaten in good quantities on a daily basis. They include pineapple, orange, tomatoes, raisins, plums, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, hot peppers and olives.

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