How To Tie A Scarf


If you tie a scarf with the correct technique and style then it will keep you warm and also give you a fashionable look for your winter wardrobe. A good scarf wraps and protects your neck and stops the air from entering, thus keeping you cozy.

You need know how to tie a scarf around your neck in different knots to get the trendiest look so, just read through our tips on tying a scarf right and you can eave that parka you usually throw on at home and actually start wearing the stylish coats and jackets to team the stylish neck-band with – for a new look!

Read on about how to knot scarves in a modish manner to look hot this cold season: you’ll surely make heads turn with your new fashion statement via the scarf!

The most stylish way to tie a scarf is the Parisian Knot: start by taking the scarf in both hands and looping it lengthwise around your neck. Then pull in loose end through the circle hanging in front of you and twist it sideways, tightening it just as much as you’d like for comfort and easy style. You can also double the scarf lengthwise for a modish look teamed with a short leather jacket and a notch collar left down, like those from ‘John Varatos.’

You’ll get the extra comfort of a warm, cozy and classic look with a scarf tied with the once-around knot as well: this is an entry-level knot for busy days when you desire more comfort than style.

It’s easy to achieve when beating traffic to work and getting dressed in a hurry:  team wit a striking blazer from Kenneth Cole and drape the scarf around your neck allowing one end to fall longer than the other, then taking the former around the neck to let it fall over your chest. If you have a long neck, overlap the scarf at the back just so that it covers most of your neck that would be visible from between the jacket and also covers the base of your skull.