How to Survive Office Politics


Politics is something which is a very unconventional term with the word office and both are really treated in two different ways by people. Soaring high in the television soap operas and thriving best among the politicians, politics has spread its spectacular tentacles to the arena of office environment. Since it has proved an inevitable existence among the professional world so these days surviving office politics and making work out of that is one of the key factors of professional self development for the men.

In true sense the term politics inculcates negative impulse and radiates negative energy among people. But office politics is something which can bring smiles in people’s face and also can help a person to climb the organizational ladder quickly with ease. So office politics can not be avoided by any people or professional at any cost. There are many people not liking the office politics and tries to keep themselves out of any kind of personal discussions. These people sometimes suffer from isolation and non cooperation from colleagues. It has always been noticed if a particular individual is just a good listener while others are discussing among themselves about anybody else then this particular listener is dropped out of the group as he is not participating actively. So making comments and passing judgments are equally important in this kind of discourse.

The survival kit

Ideally, to survive office politics one needs to be an active part of it. Good personal relation and communication skill can make one’s participation more worthy. It is incorrect to say that office politics is all about making others fall in to trouble. It is actually about to make one’s career aspirations and dream bigger and achievable. So keeping a pizza and a coke in hand or having pop corn in snacks if someone is trying to understand the real true scenario of his organization beyond the written news letter figures then he is also in to office politics. Gone are the days when office politics were meant for spreading rumours now it is a time to swing to the positive side of it and to thrive it to the best.

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