How to Stop Ejaculating Prematurely


Believe it or not, premature ejaculation is not a problem, which you should take to a medical consultant to find a relief. You can overcome this condition within yourself and your home. Very often, people who are having this problem feel uncomfortable to discuss the issue, and leave the condition without treating it, which results in strained relationship with your spouse. To get rid of this problem, you should try to understand why you ejaculate prematurely.

Since in a majority of cases it is, the factors connected to your psyche, which inhibits full-fledged enjoyment of sexual relationship, resulting in premature ejaculation. Recent studies have prescribed psychotherapy, as one of the ways to treat this problem. In fact, this is nothing but relaxation tactics, so that our agitated mind calms down.

If you are embarrassed to discuss the problem with your doctor, we would suggest you to follow some of the following methods to get a relief from this embarrassment.

Ejaculation may be happening because of oversensitivity in the glans penis, therefore you can use condoms, which can thwart sensitivity in the penis, and though this may also dampen the pleasure, you and your spouse derive from sex.

There are also creams and gels to lessen the sensitivity of the penis, but like the condoms, it may make sex less exciting.  Remember, you can overcome this problem, through relaxation methods and breathing exercises. If it is anxiety that is causing the premature ejaculation, this method will help.

Also, meditate for some time along with breathing workouts, which can eliminate tension. If need be, consult a sex therapist to get rid of this problem through meditation.

Other known methods include relaxing the penis when you feel you are nearing ejaculation, and starting after a few minutes. This can help you to perform longer. You can ask your partner to squeeze the penis firmly when you feel you are going to ejaculate, as this prevents ejaculation. Do not indulge in sex during the time when you have problems and stress. Perform sex only when you are completely relaxed.