How to stimulate the clitoris


clitoris Would you like to know a way to make a woman turn all soft and gooey? If you knew there was a way, would you take the time to learn how? You may believe that just a couple of sensual kisses and showing her your goods will be enough to make her shake with desire.

However, you just might be forgetting about what is probably the most important part of a woman’s body during sex, the clitoris. Understanding the clitoris is a sure fire way to give your partner some great sexual satisfaction.

Women do have a variety of zones which will stimulate them to a great degree. You will most likely know about the g-spot and the power you can unleash when you manipulate it in just the right way. Learning to understand the clitoris is a key thing if you want to learn to keep a woman coming back for more every time. The facts about the clitoris.

Most of us will already know what the clitoris is, but just in case, here are some of the simple facts about the clitoris. It is a small formation, about the size of a pea. It is found a little above her vaginal opening, up at the top part of the inner labia. The size and shape of each woman’s clitoris varies.

Before you get started, here is an important bit of information. Many women, in fact most women, need some type of clitoral stimulation in order to be able to achieve an orgasm. Penetration works wonders but it is not enough, by itself, in the majority of situations.

Use your fingers to stimulate the clitoris. When you are massaging the clitoris, make sure that you are careful, as many women are particularly sensitive in the area of their clitoris.

It is best to massage in a small circular fashion, being sure to vary to motion, so that you can really keep her going. Once again, be sure that you are careful. Do not apply too much pressure to the clitoris, as this can be a discomfort.

If you really want to make your woman squirm with passion, understanding the clitoris is a great way to do it.