How To Shave With Pimples

How To Shave With Pimples

Pimples and acne are bumps on the skin that not only look ugly and dull making the face unattractive but also hampers a lot of your daily routines that would have been possibly much easier to follow without the breakouts. Here we are talking about men over women who need to shave their face of the ingrown hair once in a while.

How To Shave With Pimples

Shaving is one of the regimen methods that men has to follow every couple of days to get a more hygienic, groomed and clean look. Shaving is as important in maintaining good personality as caring for the skin is. Since skin conditions like acne and pimples are unpredictable and can occur on the face without a reason you cant do anything much about it until wait for it to subside.

Also, you need to know that pimples are a very prevalent problem and that no one is born with the perfect and clear skin. However, occurrence of pimples can’t and should not let you avoid the shaving process. All you need are certain tips and tricks that can be followed while shaving with pimples on the face without hurting yourself much or without causing any abrasion with pimples that might lead to infection.

One of the major worries of shaving with pimples is what if the razor cuts into the pimples and it starts bleeding. Men are also scared about the fact that this might leave behind scars and marks on the face in the near future causing ore issues with the looks and appearance.

To help you a little in this regard, here is a simple tip guide that will show you and give you advices on how to shave with pimples on the face. Check them out thoroughly before you start shaving this time. It will help you a long way-

Tips on Shaving with Pimples

Pick Shaving Tools with Ease

Be very thoughtful when you are planning to buy shaving tools. For those who are very prone to pimples and other form of breakouts it is highly recommended that they look for shaving tools with ease. The razors that are known to help sensitive skin tone and cause the least irritation on the skin are something that you should stick to.

Shave With Pimples

Some of the great examples are twin bladed razors, electric razors and safety razors. It is also suggested that you try out the razor on the face in a small area before sticking to the tool regularly. This is one tip that you should definitely follow if you want success in shaving with pimples and without causing much damage to the skin.

Opt for Non-Comedogenic Products

This is another trick that you should keep up on your sleeves while shaving your face with pimples. Choose all the shaving creams, after shave lotions and other products that are clearly labeled as non-comedogenic in nature. This will avoid further blockage of the pores thus spreading the pimples on other parts of the face.

Don’t Shave the Pimples

This is one tips that sounds pretty obvious but then definitely one the suggestions that a lot of men either forget or avoid completely. You have to know that shaving out the pimple from the face doesn’t mean you will get rid of it in a safe way.

In fact it can either spread to the other parts of the facial skin and cause infection as well as leave behind scars and marks on the face. This is because the skin under the pimples is quite vulnerable. If it is possible to avoid the clean shaven look for a day or two, it is always suggested that you stick to electronic shaver for cleaning and trimming the hair.

Soften the Hair

Tips On Shaving With Pimples

Use some warm water to soften the facial hair before you go ahead with running the razor on the skin. Wash cloths soaked in warm water can be used for the purpose. This makes it easier for you to trim and shave the hair and you won’t have to run back and forth where the blade is concerned.

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Shave the Non Affected Areas

The first step is to shave the areas where you don’t have any pimples at all. This should be done only if you are looking for a clean shaven look. This will ensure that at least a part of your face is clean and well shaven after which the other affected areas can be looked into consideration. Pimples are usually caused in groups so that can be dealt with later.

Shaving with Pimples

Now while coming to the areas where you are suffering most with pimples, you should be very gentle and easy so as to totally prevent opening the pimple with the blade that will lead to bleeding and infection. Just in case, even after proper care you do run a razor on the pimple, make sure you apply some aloe Vera gel immediately. Anti bacterial cream can also be applied just in case there is an issue with any pimple on the face while shaving.

The After Shave Part

After shave balm or lotion should be used once you are done with shaving. This will help you reduce irritation and chances of rashes as feel as avoid all kinds of inflammation and redness on the face.

Shaving tips With Pimples

Make sure that the products that you use for this purpose is free from alcohol content. Alcohol based products can actually aggravate the skin towards more breakouts while causing a lot of dryness on the face.

Use a Mild Cleanser

Just in case the pimple has ripped apart from the blade of the razor, you can use a mild cleanser to wash the face once the shaving has been done. This will ensure that the face is flushed out of all kids of bacteria accumulation and it does not spread to other parts of the face.

These are some of the very effectual and simple tips that you should note down if you skin is prone to pimples and you need to shave almost daily to keep a groomed look.