How To Seduce A Woman With A Foot Massage

How To Seduce A Woman With A Foot Massage

How To Seduce A Woman With A Foot Massage Please your woman with new seduction techniques.This article focuses on practical tips on how to seduce a woman with a foot massage.

Start Action

Take her one foot in your hand. Kiss it gently and suck her leg in between .Then start rolling your tongue into her thigh area slowly and gently. Massage your hand over her foot and that would seduce her.

Wrap Her Legs Inside Her Socks

Keep her legs inside her socks and slowly undress her socks. Kiss the exposed flesh and you should undress her as if you are undressing her panty. You should massage her feet with creams and oils and lotions and massage it from bottom to top. Write “8” or “A” on her leg using your leg and you should trim your nails and leg before trying this. Draw a love symbol on her leg using chocolate powder and lick that chocolate powder and give her foot massage using your tongue.

Do The “Foot Massage 69”

Lie down near her and keep your face close to her feet. Lick her one feet and massage her other feet with your hand. Kiss her feet’s by making noises. Then you should suddenly kiss her navel portion. You should then once again start kissing her feet. Then you should move your nose over her feet and that would seduce her.

Tell A Story

Have fun by sharing some jokes. Take her leg in your hand and tell her a story about an ant or any other creature wandering in forest in search of wife and move your fingers through her ankle and lower leg. She would feel a tickling sensation, which would make her laugh. You should move your finger to her chest through thighs and navel and say that wife of ant is hiding under her breast and should move your finger over her breast. Then you should make your finger get sucked by her and apply that moistness over her toe and suck it gently. This would seduce her.

Bolder Foot Massage

Take your member out and start massaging her foot toe and ankle area. Move your member through her lower leg region .You can slowly tap her lower leg using your thick member and you can circle it also. The best way of doing this is to sit over her thigh with your back facing her so that you can control foot massage by listening to her moans.

The bad part of this massage is that you cannot see her face expression. To see her face expression you should do this facing a mirror. You can lie down near her and massage her leg by moving your leg over her leg. Make sure that you do this in a slow rhythmic manner without causing any pain. Sexual foot massage would work wonders if there is no ornament in her leg.

Massage Your Cheek

Place your face between her legs and take her legs in your hands and massage her legs in your face. Then move her foot over your neck and chest area.

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