How To Satisfy Her in Bed

Satisfy Her in Bed

Depending on the different motives, some women have reservations when it comes to communicating with their partner in bed. This is probably one of the most important reasons why men want to know how to satisfy a girl in bed – the lack of communication.

I am sure there were many times when you just wanted to know or understand what your partner needs. Well, by reading this you will be one step closer to finding out the answer to that question. Just read further to discover some of the techniques that will help you find out if she is enjoying herself and how to do a better job.

Consider at first that if she liked it, she would tell you immediately. Sometimes she can tell you that you are doing a great job even if you did not ask her. Getting a compliment from a woman is not a very common thing, so if she does this, especially in bed, it means that you did a great job. Besides telling you, she could have a satisfied expression on her face – another indicator that you did your job admirably. A calm smile can tell you a lot of things and even build up your confidence; if she did not like it though, expect some troubling expressions.

You could watch XXX movies; try to learn from everything you can. The best way to learn it really is to try it! And what better teacher than the best one – a porn actor. Sex movies are made using a large variety of sex positions and activities, many of them being very good or some of the best. Try adopting the same techniques and see the differences, you will be surprised. Try to learn from as many sources as possible; movies, magazines, books and so on. Try to educate yourself on the subject.

Make her feel special and show her that you care if she is satisfied. Women take longer than men to reach orgasm and by trying to give her one you can show her that you truly want to satisfy her, not just yourself. Concentrate on that, she will still enjoy the sex even after having an orgasm.