How To Quit Smoking


Smokers may sing the same old refrain: ‘nothing’s better then lighting up after a hard day’s work,’ but many will also admit they’d like to kick the habit if they just knew a fool-proof way to do so.

One good reason to kick that butt is to remember real statistics like, in the UK alone, over one lakh twenty thousand men die every year due to smoking, besides the fact that chain smoking increases the risk of getting lung cancer.

Consider the benefits of kicking the cigarette butt: these include dramatic improvement in your health because if you quit smoking then it’ll instantly lower the risks of getting all kinds of cancer, get a sense of general well-being as you’ve done a positive thing and also build up discipline as it requires some strict thinking to stay away from smoking.

Also, as an ex-smoker you will save second-hand smoke from harming persons you love by giving up smoking.

The pleasing part about stopping the cigarette smoking habit is that your breath will no longer reek; moreover, you will recover your taste buds and senses as smoking dulls these over a period of time.

You will also save a lot of money: e.g. smokers puffing away at one pack in a day can save on over $750 annually that can be easily invested or spent on better things of lasting value!

However, it is important to analyze the reasons for quitting smoking and it should be governed by the primary thought of doing it for yourself. The only way it’ll work is if you give up smoking for yourself.

Begin by setting a starting date for yourself to quit smoking as otherwise you will only postpone it all the time; some men think of quitting in one shot while others think they can deal with it better by gradually cutting back on cigarettes, which may not always be a good idea as having a fag around is tempting.

You might also find it useful to install “No Smoking” signs around your house, office and car. Keep people informed of your commitment and perhaps rope in a buddy to also quit smoking – for company’s sake and his health!

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