How To Prevent Toe Cramps

How To Prevent Toe Cramps

When a muscle in our toe region contracts in a hard manner, the reason behind it is a muscle spasm which gives rise to toe cramps. Toe cramps are very common amongst people and may cause a lot of pain when they occur. The kinds of contractions our muscles face are involuntary in nature. The small muscles which our found in our toe get severely affected and take time to get relaxed once it occurs.

How To Prevent Toe Cramps


These cramps occur when our body gets dehydrated or overexerted or there is a mineral imbalance in the body. If a person stays inactive for a long time then also he becomes prone to toe cramps. Toe cramps can be treated with the use of an ice pack or ice cubes.

Hot compress or a hot towel can also be used to relieve toe cramps as this reduces pain quickly. When a person experiences a cramp, he should try to change the position he is in and press his entire foot on the floor to reduce the spasm.

Toe cramps can hamper our daily lives and cause a lot of trouble for us. Thus, it is always better to prevent such types of cramps from taking place. These cramps can be easily prevented if we resort to some basic tips and ideas and follow certain guidelines in our daily activities.

Tips To Prevent Toe Cramps


The kind of shoes that we wear should always be a little loose in the toe area and never make our feet feel cramped when worn. When making a purchase, one should try on the shoes well and ensure that they are comfortable to wear.

It is also important not to wear very loose footwear or chances are that you might fall. If your shoes are very tight, then the blood circulation in the toe and feet area get highly restricted and may give way to cramps because they are unable to function as they should. Do not wear high-heeled shoes and opt for flat ones.


In order to prevent toe cramps from taking place, a person must ensure that he gets minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium in good quantities on a daily basis.

Prevent Toe Cramps

These minerals help our muscles to function well and also keep our body healthy. If there is a deficiency of minerals in our body, it becomes more susceptible to cramps. Food items like bananas, coconut water and figs are rich in these minerals and should be eaten every day.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water and keeping your body well hydrated is one of the best ways to prevent toe cramps from taking place. It is recommended to keep a huge bottle of water with you while exercising as this is a time when the body needs the maximum amount of water.

Loss in water can result in cramps in the body. Along with water you should also drink a lot of fresh fruit juices, milk and coconut water to keep the body well hydrated.


The toe and foot area should be massaged on a regular basis at least twice a day. It is also advisable not to wear your shoes for long stretch of hours, especially when sitting at one place. By massaging, you increase the blood circulation in the whole area which helps in supplying more oxygen to the toes and prevents cramps from taking place. You can also get the toe area massaged by an expert.

Exercise and Stretch

The toe area should be exercised and stretched on a regular basis to prevent toe cramps and also to provide strength to the muscles in this area. By exercising, toes remain healthy and active and also stay cramps-free.

Toe Cramps

Such kinds of exercises include raising the toe, pointing them out for 10 seconds each and doing toe curls. It is also very important to stretch all your body parts before working out in the gym, swimming or jogging.


A person should eat lots of fruits, vegetables and dairy products to increase their vitamin intake in the body. This will help him achieve all the nutritional needs of the body to the maximum and keep a person healthy, allowing strong muscles to develop. Another alternative is to eat a multivitamin tablet on a daily basis to avoid toe cramps from taking place and providing all the nutrition that your body requires.

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Warm Water Bath

In order to provide relief to the muscles from time to time and to keep them relaxed, a person should resort to taking a warm water bath at night before going off to sleep. He can also take the help of a heating pad to provide warmth to the area. By doing so, you greatly reduce the chances of a toe cramp to occur, especially at night.

Leave Feet Uncovered at Night

When you hit the bed at night, always remember not to cover the feet portion with a heavy blanket. If you use such a blanket, your feet point downwards and this helps toe cramps to take place. Try to keep your feet as flat as possible, at night. During winters, it is better to wear socks at night instead of using 2 or 3 blankets and cover the whole feet.

Muscle Relaxant

If you engage in strenuous exercises or have to use your feet extensively, try to take a muscle relaxant just before it.

Toe Cramps Cure

However, it should be taken only when these cramps occur frequently and cause a lot of problems for the person, not letting him sleep or carry out his daily activities. These muscle relaxants prevent toe cramps from taking place and also ensure that blood circulates properly in the body.


It is necessary to maintain good and proper posture at all times be it sitting, standing or sleeping. Our toes and feet along with the rest of the body should be in good posture to prevent cramps from occurring in any part of the body. It is important not to sit in a cross-legged manner for prolonged periods as this too makes toe cramps occur very easily.

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