How To Participate In The 7 Day Sex Challenge

How To Participate In The 7 Day Sex Challenge

How To Participate In The 7 Day Sex Challenge You should not consider 7 Days of Sex Challenge as a contest and this article is not focusing on tips to take part in contest. This article is highlighting tips on ways you can improve your sex life and intimacy in committed relationship. 7 Days of Sex Challenge would help to bring back the spark in marriage and would cut the chances of infidelity. Couples should practice this 7 Days of Sex Challenge once in a month.

Day One: A Day Only For Foreplay With Dresses On

You and your wife should think of foreplay with dresses on. This is a day in which you both would explore each other sexually with kisses only. You both should never think of stripping and should not think of any sexual act. This day will help to have passionate slow sex and would also help to prevent chances of premature ejaculation.

Day Two: Know Each Other Fully Naked

Married couples may not know each other body as they would normally hit straight when they become naked and this is a day in which you should undress your partner and explore their body parts. Stroke erogenous zones and kiss each other. They should rub each other body in naked position and should feel senses.

Day Three: Woman On Top Sexual Positions

Enjoy 7 Day of Sex Challenge on day three with woman on top positions. Wife should not try to do many things at once in this day. Husband should encourage her to take initiative in sex and should caress her butts. Wife should make a bold attempt to stimulate her clitoris and her G-spot.

Day Four: Oral Sex Positions

This is a day when oral sex rules the bed and you can go for finger sex. This is the day in which you can go for mutual masturbation and would help to relieve tension. They can also go for single masturbation in this day. Husband should make sure that they lubricate their hands and should trim nails to avoid any pain to her vagina. Both husband and wife should clean themselves properly before trying oral sex.

Day Five: Man On Top Sexual Positions

7 Day of Sex Challenge will experiment with man on top positions like missionary sex position on day five. Missionary sex position would help her husband to stimulate her clitoris and would also help in deep angled penetration.

Day Six: Quickie Sex

Couples should enjoy quickie sex in day six of 7 Day of Sex Challenge. They should look for raw sex and should enjoy sex without any inhibition on this day. They should do sex in bathroom, in kitchen, under staircase or any other place they feel like to. They should do sex many times a day.

Day Seven: Fantasy Sex

7 Day of Sex Challenge should end with fantasy love-making and couples should look forward to experiment any type of fantasy. Couples should do role play sex in this day and should experiment with variety sexual positions in this day.

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