How To Make Presentation In Public

public presentation

Organizing your oral presentation: First you must define the main idea behind the topic. Then limit the scope. Choose your approach and prepare your outline. Lastly decide on an appropriate style.

Developing Oral Presentation: For this you have to keep in mind three things. These are: Introduction: Arousing audience interest; building your credibility and lastly previewing your presentation, Body: Connecting your ideas with your body and holding your audience attention and lastly, Close: Remember to restate your main points and then describe the next steps. Your ending should be on a strong note.

Completing Oral Presentation: For this one has to master in the art of delivery and speaking. Then you have to overcome your anxiety by feeling more confident and appearing more confident. Handle questions asked by audience carefully and responsively by focusing on the questioner, responding to them appropriately, maintaining control on you and also by motivating people to ask more questions and lastly by concluding the speech.

While organizing the speech your style should be influenced by audience size, subject, purpose, budget and time available for presentation.There are several delivery methods to choose from:Memorizing, Reading,Speaking from notes,Impromptu speaking.

Build your confidence by becoming thoroughly familiar with your subject so that you know what you’re talking about and by practicing the topic. Try to check the location of your presentation and consider the service of a qualified interpreter for those audiences that don’t speak your language.
You can overcome your anxiety and feel more confident about speaking by:
1. Preparing more material than necessary
2. Rehearsing
3. Thinking positively
4. Visualizing your success
5. Taking few deep breathes
6. Being ready
7. Not panicking and pushy
8. Concentrating on your message and your audience and not on yourself

Regardless of how nervous you feel, do whatever you can to appear more confident. Focus on a slow, controlled beginning. Don’t rush, make eye contact and smile in between. Try to look directly at the listeners by shifting your gaze from one person to another. Also vary you facial expression to make the message more dynamic. Don’t ramble or use meaningless filler words such as ‘um or you know”. Speak clearly and crispy.

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