How To Make Delicious Boil Vegetables


It is quite obvious that anything boil is good for health. Have you ever tried to eat boil vegetables alone with your daily rice and chapatti? It is not only tasty but healthy as well. They are not difficult to prepare. You don’t have to go through all those hi fi cookery recipes. Any ordinary person can make it.

However, you need to remember a few things. They are your basic ingredients. Take the required amount of water and heat on the low flame. Till then you ought to keep ready other items such as garlic, green chilies, a bit of ginger, tomatoes, onion and other vegetables. Vegetables could be like French beans, mushroom, carrot and cabbage. Once you are done with them then you need to put salt and chopped tomatoes to make the water base solution.

Grind garlic, green chilies and ginger together and make paste. Boil mushroom before you put the other vegetables since it takes time to cook. If mushroom is not cooked enough it may cause stomach problem or any ailment. So be careful if you are cooking it. Boil can be done without mushroom too. Put the rest of the vegetables together and then immediately put the mixed paste. You add coriander leaves this will give that tinge and is sure to enhance the good smell. Don’t over cook it.

If you like a bit of oily taste you can put a tsp of butter. Adding butter will make it tastier. However, one can do without it as well. Healthy and clarity skin is achieved by eating boil. This is a healthy food diet. Although not many can survive with boil vegetables only, you can eat with other fried vegetables. Basically it may be food habit of orientalists. You can make boil of any vegetables.

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