How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast With Cardio Workouts

cardioworkoutslosepoundCardio workouts are considered the best method to lose 10 pounds rapidly. We can lose weight by using cardio, which is comparatively easier than other workouts and we are well aware of what we are doing, which is not the case with the vast majority of the people.

This is the case why most people who go to Gyms and are spending lot of hours in them even though they cannot get the desired results. We have to plan our cardio as such that we can lose up to 10 pounds rapidly and maximize our results.

Right way of doing Cardio at Regular intervals

Many people have an understanding that we can reduce fat through cardio only by doing it at a certain speed so that we can reach the burning zone that has the specified heart rate in the required zone.

This is the exact point at which we can lose more fat and we need to do certain average cardio workout for reaching such zone. Then its advised to stay there for more than 20 minutes to get the desired results, which is why many people spend time working for long time in cardio machines like tread miller which has display that shows the actual heart rate while we workout.

We can reach the zone through moderate intensity exercises, but we will be prone to burning high volumes of calories soon after we complete each workout.

We are always unaware that we continue to burn more fat even after long gap of completing the session, which means that we are losing around 10 lbs by such after workout burning.

The high intensity workouts have played the best part and we have forced our body to burn excess calories even after completing the workouts and it has a drawback that it cannot be done for long time, for example we cannot sprint for more than 15 minutes continuously whereas moderate workouts can be done for a longer time but it has to be done at regular intervals.

We can start with high intensity workouts, and then we can gradually change to medium intensity for some time, and then we can rise to high intensity again. We can repeat this cycle for every day to get 10 pounds reduction in body weight. We can use elliptical machines or do cycling or running for getting the best results.