How To Learn Patience

How To Learn Patience

How To Learn Patience As kids we were taught that patience is a virtue. The interesting thing is that many of us start unlearning things as we grow older but expect the younger generation to follow all the lessons we were taught. Isn’t that hypocrisy? Well, let us not be so harsh and understand why we let go of our patience so easily and so often? Many of us have different mechanisms to handle problems and tough situations.

Sometimes it takes a mountain to make us lose patience and at other times even a fly is successful. Thus, we ought to understand that the key to remaining calm and patient is in our hands. We can actually control our anger and frustration, it is not impossible. So, read on to find out how you can remain calm and patient.

Asses The Situation

There is a very definite reason that you are reading this right now. Maybe you have undergone something bad because of your impatience, or simply because you want to turn a new leaf. Well, whatever the reason might be, asses the same. Make a list of reasons why you want to be patient. Keep this handy. Remind yourself of the reasons every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. This will register the need of patience in your life, in your subconscious.

The Nature Of Impatience

Many of us think that impatience is equal to anger. This is completely false. Patience is something which is associated with many things in life. The whole point of being patient is not giving up. If you are not getting the required outcome of your deeds, be patient and wait for the right time.

Many of us become very impatient when it comes to fulfilling our dreams and wishes. Stop doing that. Famous writer J.K Rowling had passed seven years in depression, anguish and anticipation before she gave birth to one of the most read books of all time – the Harry Potter series. She didn’t lose patience, even if she went through a failed marriage, a dependant child and almost zero income.

Pen It Down

Maintain a personal diary. Call it the diary of patience. Well, this would be your mirror. Pen down about every time you lost your patience and the reason behind it. Once a week revisit and decide for yourself if the reason behind you losing patience was justified. If yes, give yourself a ‘0’, if not give yourself a ‘-1’. The lesser the minuses, the better is your progress. Calculate your grades once every two weeks to see how you are doing. Soon, you would be competing with yourself to get lesser minuses.

On Field Tactics

Well, it is always easier said than done. All of us inevitably lose our cool and patience even if we vow never to do that. But, perhaps you can follow some easy tips to remind yourself to be patient. Firstly, when you feel that you cannot take it anymore start taking deep breaths. It always helps and is known to be very effective in the longer run.

Another way to keep away from losing patience is counting from 1 to 10 slowly. This way you are giving yourself time to asses the situation and decide if it is really worth losing your patience for.

Be Your Own Confidante

No one can understand you better than you yourself. Make a promise to yourself that you would make serious and step by step efforts to curb your frustrations and anger. Instead of becoming angry on your child or partner or close ones, treat them with love and make them understand why, what they did was wrong. This will also make you become more focused and patient.

It’s not difficult to learn patience if you firmly believe in your cause. Always remember and remind yourself about the reason and you will definitely succeed. We do not realize but sometimes spoken words or actions cannot be taken back. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Begin trying today and you will surely learn the art of patience very soon.

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