How to keep attraction going and more


While maintaining relationship with a girl, guys must learn the laws of attraction. No kidding here, the fact is clear that relationship keeps going when rapport and mutual attraction both fuel up the relation. When one of these two aspects is missing, the relationship definitely shatters down and it is quite obvious. So if you are into any relation, aim to keep the fire burning to safeguard the relation.

Women always feel attracted to rich guys who practice and maintain active social life. They always fall for well groomed guys who can keep up with their varying interests time and again. But it’s the attraction that keeps a woman on toe with his man forever. And she will never toe the line if she finds the perfect balance of support and innovation in a relation.

We guys should always consider that we need to take control of a relation and make our partner feel special in all possible ways we can. Implementing new ideas to the relationship like taking her out to dinner once a while, going in the malls for shopping, freaking out with friends, often partying, and planning out on a vacation can be a good “U” turn. Little things in life and in a relationship may spice up a relationship and a woman always strongly wishes for these small splashes of imagination.

As no woman desires to go out of her comfort zone and find love outside her cozy nest, it is a good idea to keep ourselves healthy and maintain a polished lifestyle. If you are in the beginning of a relationship you should be more cautious and should consider that it’s the time to build up that extra zing needed to make a woman feel for a guy. This kind of approaches can sum up to the magic of rapport and attraction that would surely keep your woman sticking round the corner.