How to gain muscle mass


bodymusclesgain Getting rid of the layers of fat and building muscle mass is the desire of most men. They would like to build muscle mass and look lean and mean! Building muscles requires some effort, here are some suggestions.

It starts with effective training and exercise. Replace aerobic training with weight training to see a marked difference. Train with heavy weights but fewer repetitions.

Take rest for about 2 minutes between the exercises. This will help the body tone the muscles. You may also continue aerobic exercises if you want to but they may be restricted to once a week.

Increase your caloric intake. This will build and repair damaged tissue. Make sure you eat balanced and nutritious food and simply not junk food. It is important to avoid oily, greasy food and foods that are high in sugar content.

Increase protein intake. Proteins help build muscle cells. The amino acids present in protein help build the muscle and repair them. Protein intake along with an effective workout plan will help build muscle mass.

Approximately 1 gram of protein for every 500 grams of body weight is the recommended intake.

Increase water intake. Being well hydrated keeps the muscles toned and supple especially with a tough workout schedule. Increase the intake of unsaturated fats.

These help in the production of testosterone. Testosterone in turn helps to build muscle. Stay away from saturated sources of fat.

Plenty of rest is recommended for building muscle mass. Good rest and sleep is recommended along with changes in diet and workout. After a tough and heavy workout, it is important to give the muscles the much needed rest to feel rejuvenated.

They build up during the period of rest. About six to eight hours of sleep is beneficial for muscle building. It is also recommended that you can stay off training after particularly tough sessions.

Lastly, being consistent is very important. You should also be patient to reap the benefits of your exercise, diet, and training program. Have a consistent workout schedule at least 5 days a week, with a 45 minute workout works best for most body types.