How To End A Relationship With A Pisces

How To End A Relationship With A Pisces

How To End A Relationship With A Pisces Break ups are the worst thing that can happen to anyone. I am sure, there are no two thoughts about that. What is worse is when you have to take the plunge and break away with your partner. All of us are entitled to our own likes and dislikes and many a times what may seem like a happy relationship begins to fade away gradually.

The best way surely is to put an end to a relationship like that, in the mildest way possible. There is no easy way to break up but our zodiac signs can provide some idea about what not to do when dating someone of a particular sign. If you are about to break up with a Piscean, read on to find out how to cause least harm.

Pisces is a water sign and Pisceans are true to the nature of water – calm when happy, turbulent when sad. Pisceans are very emotional and it is very easy to upset them. They often suffer from inferiority complex and no matter how successful they become in their life, this complex never leaves them alone. Follow these basic rules and you might not earn a Piscean’s curse after your break-up.

Butter Them Up

It might sound a bit selfish but if you want your way out, butter up your partner. A Piscean is most prone to inferiority complex and self blame. Make sure you make your partner feel that it is you who isn’t worthy and not the other way round. Mind you, don’t utter these words blindly, make them felt instead. Through small gestures, phrases, your behavior make sure that your Piscean partner feels good and confident.

Be Mean To End A Relationship

Pisceans are sensitive and love their partners to care about their sensitivity. Hence, become the opposite. It is quite apparent that you want to move on and do not want to waste time. Hence, make sure you become cold and stop responding to their calls or messages. It will repel them. Pisceans cannot bear it if their loved ones take them for granted. So, start turning a cold shoulder to their needs and wishes. It will give them a subtle hint that its time to look for someone better.

Thou Shalt Speak The Truth

All said and done, there is nothing better than the truth, however bitter it might be. Everyone appreciates honesty, especially our partners. Speak out and tell your partner the truth. A Piscean might not take it very happily at first but it will help in making him/her strong in the longer run. Also, it would prevent you from feeling guilty later on.

Erase The Past

Pisceans have a very bad habit of setting one foot in the past and one foot in the present. They will always yearn to go back to the happy times, especially if they are on the receiving end of the break up. Hence, if you have decided to move on, make sure you completely cut off any type of contact with your Piscean ex. Pisceans tend to be clingy when in crisis and nothing beats a break up. Be prepared to receive innumerable calls, messages, mails offering forgiveness, fresh start, et al. Stay away if you are in no mood for love.

Be gentle and do not intentionally break your ex’s heart. If you are done with the relationship, do not go back just for passing time. The key to ending a relationship with a Piscean is to be gentle yet firm.

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