How To Dress For An Interview?


We should dress in a manner that suits the occasion. A person attending a birthday party would dress in a particular manner, a weekend outing will call for a different  Similarly a person attending an interview should understand the organization and then dress accordingly. The concept of dressing smart with a full suit for an interview is a thing of the past. Now, the dress depends on the job he is trying to get into. Here is a brief discussion on this:

Jobs that are conservative:

The logic is quite simple, if the interview is for a conservative job – dress in a conservative manner. Normally blue, charcoal or black shirts with an appropriate tie would be more than sufficient. One need not get a new shirt for the interview.

Check shirts or designer shirts may not be suitable for this office environment. This dress with appropriate shoes is all what is required. In short, project yourself as conservative so that you would fit into the job. Blazers, suits, etc. are not required for such jobs.

Jobs in a cultural organization:

While attending interviews for jobs in organizations like media and publishing offices, photography business houses, museums, etc. different dress code would be required. For such interviews, suit or a jean will not be suited.

The person should balance between professionalism and his work in the official capacity. So, pants with shirts (preferably dark colored) would be the best suited. In case it is cold season, a shirt with stripes and sweater with collar will be the best. Normal looking shoes will add more elegance.

Interviews for service job:

Approach for attending interviews in this type of organizations would be different. If the person has to work in the administrative office of such organizations, the job requirement would be that he has to interact with many people.

So he must be at ease with blazers and tie and these would be most convenient for such an environment. For such environment, a shirt with a sweater or tie worn on a corduroy pant will be more appropriate. In this case, suit may not be required.

The type of shoes depends on the nature of the work. If it involves lot of movement, hunter boots could be considered depending on the nature of the place where one has to move.


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