How To Dominate A Woman


When men think about dominant women, they often have the wrong perception. They imagine things related to chains, handcuffs, dark latex clothing and other things like that. The term for practicing sex with the previous described items is called sadism and has nothing to do with dominance. Women tend to become dominating when the man is not dominating, either because he has not yet learned how or for some other reason.

She may give the impression of being strong and commanding, but the truth is that she, like any other woman, would love to be treated like one. Let us see what really lies behind woman domination.

Generally, dominating women tend to be aggressive in bed. They try to impose things on you, to command you.

This may be appealing to some of the men out there, many have sadistic fantasies related to sex, but if this happens on a regular basis you will be put in a secondary role. You can avoid getting into this position by doing to her exactly what she tries to do to you. If she grabs you and tries to move you onto the bed, do the same.

Hold her by her shoulders and put her on her back, not too hard though. Hold her down with force; show her that you mean what you are doing. If she tries to do it again, tell her in a calm manner that you are in charge now. She will most certainly be impressed.

Keep her emotionally controlled. It sometimes can be pretty obvious when you flirt with a woman that you are aroused. Try to do your best and hide this feeling from her.

In other words, do not show any signs of weakness when you meet her, this is an important part in which she will form a general opinion about you. You do not want her to do things in bed based on what she is thinking or the wrong opinion she has formed about you.

Do not let her be aware of your feelings right away; she does not need to know everything that you think. Make eye contact – maybe put a little subtle grin from time to time. Remember that when doing this, feeling natural is very important.