How To Deal With Her Mood Swings

How To Deal With Her Mood Swings

How To Deal With Her Mood Swings Women, as all already know, are very sensitive and emotional beings. Due to this their mood often goes for a ride on the swing. Fluctuating mood can also be due to hormonal changes or for PMS. Whatever the reason for their mood swing may be, people around them and mostly men in their lives are left clueless as to how to handle this sudden change of mood.

Whereas, incorrect handling of mood swings can lead to trouble in a relationship ranging from minor to major ones, it can even hamper the relationship drastically. So, a simple mood swing is not really that simple and it is absolutely essential for a man to know how to handle his girl’s mood swings so that the relationship is not affected and continues smoothly and sweetly.

Dealing Tips With Her Mood Swings

Try to be Aware of the Reason and Be Prepared

Mood swing can result due to various factors – a fight with a friend/ colleague/ family member, a bad day at work, high stress levels, bad health or simply due to the hormonal change during her monthly cycles. So, be aware of her cycles, keep a track on the happenings of her life so that you can have an idea about what could have affected her mood and ruined it & also as to when her mood can go for a ride.

Once you have a fair idea then you would be prepared to handle it accordingly. Now, there is no one particular way of handling her various kinds of moods. Therefore, we have provided solution for tackling her different variations of mood herein.

When She is Stressed

Stress is a continuous company in today’s life. But sometimes the Stress levels rise too high for an individual to keep in control. So, if she is stressed and her mood is fluctuating because of it then try your best not to do anything which irritates her further. Though, it is not always possible to avoid irritating her, however hard you try.

Sometimes the mood can be so badly ruined that if you do nothing at all even then it will irritate her. So, be ready to take that and try not to react defensively or not react at all. Mostly when people are stressed they do not find jokes funny. So, if your sweetheart has temporarily lost her sense of humor too then what you can do at the least is not play pranks with her or joke with her.

Deal With Her Mood Swings

At such times your gestures should be one of understanding, kindness and cooperation. Make small gestures that say how much you care for her and make her feel better. Extend your helping hand to her. You might not be able to take off a big sized load away from her but even a small help counts in times of stress and would help to ease her mood.

If she is in a mood to discuss about her stressful life with you then listen to her with full attention and give supportive advice or comments to her. Also, do not miss out on a chance to ask her how you can help her to reduce her stress. In case if nothing is working and you are not being able to handle her or her mood then staying out of trouble is the best thing you can do. And never ever try to be demanding when she is already stressed as that will only add up to her mountain of stress.

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If she is Depressed

Try to comfort her when she is feeling low. Provide her support and encourage her showing her the positive side of things and situations. Make her feel that you care truly for her and will always be there by her side to support her. Let her feel that she is special and appreciated for being what she is and for her qualities.

Be affectionate towards her by physical but not sexual ways. If this does not make her feel better then do something special for her like taking her to her favorite restaurant or reminding her of some special moment spent together by taking her to the same location, etc. The motive is to recreate the happiness that she felt or feels while thinking of some special or particular moment or by being in some particular place.

This would surely help to make her mood better. The worst thing that you can do when she is already depressed is providing her time and space or by letting her be by herself. It would make things worse and much more dangerous than you can think of.

When She is in a Distant Mood

If she is trying to maintain a distance from you and is reacting in a distant manner with you then it is good idea to let her be by herself for some time. This would help her pull herself back and sort out the issue with herself first.

If you try to persuade her to change her mood or talk to you then not only you will not be able to discover the reason for her distant behavior but it will lead to further complications and problems. Instead of speaking her heart out to you she would become defensive and a bitter argument or resentment may appear from nowhere.

If She is Feeling Needy

By neediness we do not mean the materialistic kind of need. Though, your girl may be  of a materialistic type and she may be feeling needy for something very materialistic. In that case you just need to buy her some gifts and her mood will be set to normal.

tips to deal with her mood swings

But if her need is something more emotional in nature then gifts and presents may not do the trick. If this neediness has surfaced because of some kind of behavior of yours when she might have felt let down or might have been majorly disappointed by you, then do what it takes to make her feel secured about the relationship.

If She is Angry

Now, the most difficult to handle mood of women – Anger. If she is angry with you then without any delay apologize to her. If she is not angry for your mistakes then foremost try to find out the root cause of the anger. Do not attempt to come out with fast solutions or draw a conclusion or judgment in a hurry.

If she is angry and by no means seems to be in a mood to discuss or talk then stay out of it and away from her till she cools down. Give her time to cool down and gather herself. Or else, you would have to bear the brunt, whoever’s mistake it might be and whatever might have caused that anger in her.

In order to be able to deal with her mood swings it is absolutely necessary to be aware of the reason that is causing the mood swing in the first place. Once you know that, you are half way already in dealing with it. Just make sure that you do not mess up with the ways of dealing with the various types of moods and there would be no problem at all in your and her life & relationship because of her mood swings.