How To Cure Bone Cancer

How To Cure Bone Cancer

When the normal bone tissues in our body get destroyed due to cancerous cells it is known as bone cancer. Treating bone cancer is a very difficult task as along with dealing with the cancer it is very important to keep the bones strong which become excessively brittle with each passing day. If a vertebrae breaks it can cause a lot of damage to the human body and also result in serious mental and physical trauma for the patient.

How To Cure Bone Cancer


Osteid forms the main component of bones along with tough or flexible tissues which are also threadlike. Along with these there are bone marrow particles which are found in the centre and are soft in nature. Depending on the part of the bone which is affected due to cancer, it can be classified into different types like osteosarcoma, chondrosarcome, soft tissue sarcoma to name a few.

There is no definite cause of bone cancer but a few factors have been underlined which help in developing the tumor. People who are exposed to radiation therapy or drugs which are anti-cancerous are more prone to getting bone cancer. Heredity also plays a part in bone cancer and it is possible that you may have inherited the disease from a family member.

If during a surgery, a person is exposed to metal implants he too can develop cancer in the bone which can prove to be quite harmful. However, there are a number of cures available for bone cancer which helps the patient recover to a great extent and stop the cancerous cells from spreading.

Ways To Cure Bone Cancer


A surgery is considered to be the most common type of cure as the whole tumor is removed in such a way that the healthy tissues are not hampered during the surgical procedure. Surgery can be of various types depending on the severity of the disease and how far the cancer cells have spread. In some cases, the whole bone or a part of it containing the cancer is removed and is known as resection. In this type some of the healthy tissues are also done away with to ensure that no cancer cells are left behind.

If the doctor has to operate on an arm or leg and take out a part of the bone where the cancer resides, it is called limb sparing surgery. A healthy bone from a different part of your body or from another person may be taken to replace the diseased bone.

Amputation is the term given to that kind of surgery where the whole arm or leg must be removed to cure the person. However, with advanced technologies and treatments this kind of a surgery is no longer required and a person can be cured from bone cancer without amputation.


Sometimes in order to kill the cancerous cells, x-rays have to be used which are high in energy. This cure is sought after when the cancer cells are too many in number as they shrink the size of the tumor making it much easier for the surgeon to remove the tumor completely.

Ways To Cure Bone Cancer

Also, if a person is scared of surgery or surgery would prove to be difficult for a patient, he may opt for radiation therapy instead to remove the cancer from his body.


In this type of a surgery liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the cancer cells and then kill them. It is a better and improved method of surgery and is now being practiced in many hospitals throughout the world.


Another very common method to cure bone cancer is chemotherapy where the doctor uses anticancer drugs to kill the cancerous cells in a patient’s body. Lately, doctors have been using these anticancer drugs in various combinations to cure the person completely and remove as many cancer cells as they can at one go. However, after chemotherapy is done, a doctor generally waits for the patient’s blood count to become normal and see how the patient is recovering.

Minerals Treatment

A very effective way to treat bone cancer is by using minerals. Cesium chloride is a treatment for bone cancer which is based on minerals that helps an individual to protect his bones to a great extent. Bones take a lot of time to heal and studies suggest that bone cancer takes the longest to get cured when compared to other cancers.

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It takes almost a year or even more to cure a person from bone cancer and thus it is important to provide strength to the bones during this whole duration to improve and fasten the recovery.


Wormwood, yarrow, oats, cat’s claw, rosehips are some commonly found herbs which are very effective in curing bone cancer if consumed on a daily basis.

Bone Cancer

They can be dried and their extracts can be taken or these herbs can be boiled with water to make tea which a cancer patient should drink twice daily. Let the herbs dissolve in the boiling water for a minimum of thirty minutes before consuming them.

Vitamin A

Food items like those fruits and vegetables which are orange, yellow and dark green in color should be eaten in good quantity on a daily basis to fight off those cancer cells which are capable of causing bone cancer. A bone cancer patient should have huge amounts of Vitamin A in his body to fight off the disease easily.

Exposure to the Sun

A bone cancer patient should sit under the sun for prolonged periods, preferably in the morning. UVB rays are emitted for the sun which do not let cancerous cells multiply easily thus containing them in one place.

Green Tea

Bone Cancer cure

With its anti-cancerous and anti-oxidant properties, green tea is considered to be of great help in fighting bone cancer and reducing the number of cancer cells in a patient’s body. A cancer patient should drink green tea twice every day for best results.

Aloe Vera

There is a chemical compound which is found only in aloe vera and is known for possessing anti-cancer properties. This compound is known as Aloeride. Aloe Vera juice should be consumed by bone cancer patients every day to reduce the number of cancer cells in their body.

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