How to Create Valuable Master Resume

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Job market has diversified in this era of science and technology and this is the reason that a single person finds himself suitable for various jobs. While posting your resume for a variety of jobs, you can avoid wasting time in making separate resume for each job by developing a master resume. This will allow you to divide your resume in many sections and you can make changes to your master resume depending upon the type and requirement of job. This will help you move ahead in making quick changes for different job positions. You can create your own master resume by following these tips:

The first important step towards creating master resume is to make a headline for the resume and you must choose a headline which bangs. This will help you create a unique impression on the future employer and he will surely prefer you over others. Avoid making plain headline like “Research Officer”. Try to innovate and create a bang by writing “Your Research Officer for Higher Returns” and this will surely highlight your resume in the eyes of potential employer.

Master resume contains a section which highlights your area of expertise and you can make amendments in this section according to the needs of job profile. The objective of creating this section is to highlight your skills which you have learnt over a period of time during your career.

The credential section is also an important part of your master resume and you can make some quick changes in this section depending upon the type and requirements of job. For a particular job, some credentials are important, while others are not. So you can make changes in your resume depending upon the nature of job.

After going through all these steps of making you master resume, the last step is to give a suitable title to your master resume. This title will help you recognise the template in which it has been developed and the changes it needs before you send it to the potential employer.

Creating your own master resume will help you make some quick changes and you can post it very easily for any type of job vacancy.

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