How To Build Muscles Without Weightlifting


Building muscles is what most men dream about at some point in their life, mostly in their teens of course. However, there are a few misconceptions that men need to remove before they set out to build their muscles. These misconceptions are that the more you work at it the faster you will grow and that there are some short cuts to muscle building like steroids. The facts of the matter is that there are no short cuts and that your muscles do need some time to rest and recuperate in order to continue to grow. Another common misconception is that we need expensive and scientifically designed equipment to attain the perfect body – well many of us have built ourselves with just free hand exercises! Consistency and dedication are the keys to achieve a perfect physique.

Let us begin with an exercise routine to build muscles without any weightlifting. It is a fact that anyone can build muscles with free hand exercises. Just pretending to have those weights in our hands will be more than enough to get us the desired results and without the possibility of injuring ourselves by lifting weights that are too heavy for our muscles and frames to handle. Then there is the routine. Exercise muscle groups such as the arms, shoulders and legs one day and the stomach, back and legs the next. Alternating your exercise schedule for these muscle groups will give one group a rest and they will be ready to take on the next days exercise.

Remember that if you exercise with the same set of exercises everyday the muscles will stop responding at some point in time and will not grow. So give them a rest and keep changing exercises often.

Many trainers will stress on the fact that we need supplements in our dies and some very expensive protein tonics to achieve that perfect build. Some even go the extra mile and take a course of steroids to achieve their life’s desire. Remember that the side effects of these supplements and medications are not worth the trouble. Just stick to a schedule, good exercise routine and proper diet and give yourself the number of months as the number of years you have neglected yourself to attain that perfect body.