How to become a sex master – guide for men.


sexmaster The following article is directed at men. It’s an unfortunate fact but a majority of the male population aren’t having good sex. No man likes to have his sexual performance questioned. We don’t want to think about how we could improve our performance.

It’s too damaging to our fragile egos. If you want to be good at something, you need to access your weaknesses and find out ways to improve in those areas. Being a good sexual partner is not all that different from becoming good at anything else.

I’m not saying that learning to be good in bed is just like learning to ride a bike. That is a tired cliche. Here are some tips to help you master your bedroom techniques.

According to statistics many women are unsatisfied.

That’s right. If every man out there is as good as he claims, why are there so many unsatisfied women? If you want to master the bedroom, you need to do a little “training”.

Why are there so many people out there who are unsatisfied? People who are having regular sex and are just not enjoying it as much as they could be. Many of these people just don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to please themselves or another person.

Generally men do not know how to maintain a full erection properly during sexual intercourse. There are many different elements that come into play during sex. If you think you have this process “down” you are being naive.

Just because you decide to improve on your love making, it does not mean that you are a terrible lover. If you are trying to learn how to seduce and improve yourself, you are probably a caring and passionate lover.

In school we learn the boring basics of sex.

You would have learnt all about safe sex. You would know about the dangers of sex. In school we all learn about the reproductive system and how it works. However, how many guys out there have every looked at different sex positions?

How many guys really know their way around a woman’s body? If you want to find out how to really please a woman, why not ask one? Buy a guide to sex written by a woman.

Who better to tell you how to please a woman than another woman? If you want to become a true master in the art of sex you need to let go of your ego. You are not the world’s greatest lover. There is always room for improvement. Don’t be afraid to improve yourself.