How To Become A Mystery Shopper

How To Become A Mystery Shopper

The job of a mystery shopper is interesting and often well paid. Though, it can not replace the income generated from a full time job but it is a great work opportunity for people who are looking for some part time employment and some different, challenging and exciting way of earning some extra cash.

How To Become A Mystery Shopper

As a mystery shopper you have to visit shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. according to the assignment given to you posing as a customer and conduct a survey over there as per the need of the company or assignment.

Thereafter you need to provide the details of the conducted survey and your experience to the concerned agent company and make your pockets heavier by a few bucks. Seems interesting? Then read on and find out how you too can become a mystery shopper and earn some extra money while enjoying your time at the same time.

Steps To Become  A Mystery Shopper 

Understand The Role Of A Mystery Shopper

It is important to know and understand why companies hire mystery shoppers and how they are benefitted. This would help you to understand your job as a mystery shopper better and make your job easier for you. Most companies in retail sector face strong competition from their competitors.

Hence, companies always look for ways to make their service a notch higher in terms of quality than that of their competitors. Mystery shoppers with their survey and feedback help these companies improve their services making them more customer friendly.

A mystery shopper’s job is to provide an unbiased and true picture of his/her experience with the company’s retail outlet so that the company can understand what and where they should change or improve to provide better service to customers.

Eligibility to Become a Mystery Shopper

There are no such criteria in terms of educational background or experience required to become a mystery shopper. But you need to have some other qualities that are essential as well as helpful while working as a mystery shopper.

Skills Required To Become A Mystery Shopper

Your observational power must be strong so that you can notice and pay attention to minute details that would finally help you to complete the survey successfully. You must be willing and comfortable in visiting different shops and outlets and also in interacting with the staff over there.

What to Expect as a Mystery Shopper

You can not expect benefits similar to that of a full time job in this work. There are no fixed hours of work or a handsome salary at the end of the month. The time required for an assignment would vary with each assignment which may range from an hour to a weekend time. You can choose the assignments as per your convenience and comfort.

You have the advantage of setting your own schedule. There are no promotions or increments in this job. However, once you gain experience you may be provided with higher paid assignments. But as a beginner you will get paid something around $6 to $15.

Certain companies also pay in kind and you are given gift coupons or reimbursement for the product that you purchased or the service that you made use of during the assignment or survey.

Be Assignment Ready

You must have suitable mode of conveyance at your disposal so that you can reach the location of the assignment on time and without difficulty. At the same time, you must also have a wardrobe to support your work. Though, in most cases you will require to wear your normal attire or casual clothes.

But for certain assignments the right attire may hold a place of importance. You may have to visit an upscale restaurant or a shop in a chic and high class outlet. So you must have suitable clothes that would help you mix in with the crowd and not make you stand out as the odd one.

Register with Mystery Shopping Companies

Once you are ready to take on the role of a mystery shopper take the first real step towards becoming one. Register yourself with different mystery shopping companies. Search online for companies that conduct mystery shopping for their clients.

You would find almost all of them inviting applications from individuals for the job. Sign up in those sites. Do not sign up with any company that asks you to pay to register yourself. No genuine mystery shopping company would ask you to pay just to sign up with them.

Fill your Application Carefully

While registering yourself with mystery shopping companies be careful about the details you put in. The company will choose you for an assignment on the basis of your application. Hence, you should make sure there are no mistakes or errors in your application.

Become A Mystery Shopper

Check the application for any error in grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. and rectify it immediately. Most companies would require you to fill the details of a recent shopping experience of yours in your application. Make special effort to make it sound unbiased, clear and honest. Remember that every small detail counts here and therefore you should try to eradicate all chances of mistakes or errors.

Wait For the Assignments

Once your application is approved the company will contact you via email or telephone to assign you a survey. Many companies also have an available assignments section in their website and mystery shoppers are allowed to choose assignments from there as per their choice and suitability.

Be Prudent When Choosing Assignments

Before you choose or accept an assignment make sure you know and understand all the terms of the assignment. Keep no doubts regarding the pay, the timing and other specifications of the assignment. Read the details and the terms carefully before taking on the assignment. Take an assignment only if it is beneficial for you, excites you and you are confident that you can handle the assignment.

Get Organized

Keep track of all of your assignments. Make a list of assignments you have taken on, have worked on or are still working on. Include all the necessary details of the assignments in the list such as the name of the company, the pay for the work, the due date, etc.

Getting organized will also help you to meet your deadlines and not miss them. You would also present yourself as a punctual and reliable person whom companies would like to bestow with more assignments. Also, make a habit of taking a note of the instructions and the questions of the survey that you would need to fill up.

Alternatively, you can take a print out of the instructions and the survey form to be filled by you online. This would help you make note of the required points thus making your task easier. Also, if you do not pay heed to the instructions or follow the directions you may not be paid for the assignment at all. So, it is important to keep the directions of the assignment handy.

Take notes of a completed assignment before you forget the details so that you can fill the form correctly. Make sure you maintain an error free image even post your application. Silly mistakes or errors while filling up the form of the survey or missing on deadlines can cost you losing other interesting assignments or getting deleted from the company’s list of mystery shoppers.

Once you become a mystery shopper you can take training on mystery shopping and become a Silver or Gold shopper. This certification would help you to get better assignments and provide you with a professional designation too.

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