How To Become A Game Tester

How To Become A Game Tester

How To Become A Game Tester How does this sound –  playing games like Halo3, Call of Duty or Dead Space Extraction all day and getting paid for it? To good to be true, right? Well not really, a career in game testing is really catching on. Game testers are better known as QA testers (quality assurance testers) and becoming one of them, is not a cakewalk.

There’s a lot more, I mean a lot lot more than what meets the eye. If you’re thinking its all about playing games, enjoying and getting paid, I think I’ve just smashed your dream, because it’s not that easy!

Tips to Become a Tester

What You Do Not Need

This is one of those professions where you do not require any kind of degrees or diplomas. The minimum requirement is a high school degree. You can have a college degree in computers, animation or other such stuff (it might be advantageous later on) but it isn’t a compulsion at all.

What You Need

The quintessential requirement for becoming a tester is intense passion for games. But that isn’t all; you should have an analytical mind, a keen eye, critical thinking capability and ability to concentrate for long periods. But, with this utopian profession attracting young and talented minds, many game studios offer job positions meant for long term careers to people with a 4 year degree in computers.

Are You Ready For The Challenge?

Becoming a tester is a big challenge. You have lots of responsibility on you. You need to have good gaming skills but at the same time you need to observe the game well and report bugs so that the technical team can fix the bugs. With time and experience you may even become a lead tester.

career as a game tester

Lead testers are team leaders who manage the bug lists reported by the testers and work  closely with the game developers and designers to debug the game and make it better. If you’re ready for such heavy challenge you may brush up your skills of gaming.

Prepare A Portfolio

A game tester’s portfolio is unique. You need to write down about games you have played and point out any unseen glitches that you have personally discovered. You may even write about things that could have made a particular game, better. Your ultimate task is to convey to the employers that you have a keen sense of understanding about every minute detail involved in a game.


Beware of people, institutions or online courses that may offer courses in game testing. These are nothing but scams. Remember, you have no one but your skills and persistence to land yourself in a game tester’s position.

How To Find A Job

Finding job is the tough part. Your best option is to keep track of job offers online. When you’re searching job enter the keywords “quality assurance testers” instead of “game testers”. If you know a company nearby you may approach them directly with a portfolio. Always be persistent in your approach. Keep a track of the available jobs. Most companies recruit new testers two or three months before holiday seasons as alpha or beta testers.

Future Of The Job

QA tester jobs may be hard to find but once you enter the industry, there’s no looking back. The pay is good and for people with real passion for games, this job is nothing less a digital dream coming true! Most people who want to venture into game designing, game developer or executive producer start off as game testers.

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